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Grease Monkey (Drunk Monkeys 4)

Grease Monkey Drunk Monkeys – Book 4 MFM, post-apocalyptic (NON-paranormal), military ... Read More

Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2)

Geek Chic Bleacke Shifters book 2 paranormal romance, wolf shape-shifters, ... Read More

Love Slave for Two: Beginnings (Prequel)

Love Slave for Two: Beginnings Love Slave for Two prequel ... Read More

Monkey Wrench (Drunk Monkeys 3)

Monkey Wrench Drunk Monkeys – Book 3 MFM, post-apocalyptic (NON-paranormal), military ... Read More

Monkey’s Uncle (Drunk Monkeys 2)

Monkey's Uncle Drunk Monkeys – Book 2 MFM, post-apocalyptic (NON-paranormal), ... Read More

Monkey Business (Drunk Monkeys 1)

Monkey Business Drunk Monkeys - Book 1 MFM, post-apocalyptic (NON-paranormal), ... Read More

Steam (Triple Trouble Prequel)

Steam Triple Trouble Prequel MFM, paranormal, dragon shifters Writing As: ... Read More

Love Slave for Two: Reckoning (Book 4)

Love Slave for Two: Reckoning Love Slave for Two - ... Read More

Bleacke’s Geek (Bleacke Shifters 1)

Bleacke's Geek Bleacke Shifters book 1 Writing As: Lesli Richardson ... Read More

Domme by Default (Suncoast Society)

Domme by Default Suncoast Society mf, BDSM, FemDom, switches (dynamic), ... Read More

Love Slave for Two: Reunions (Book 3)

Love Slave for Two: Reunions Love Slave for Two - ... Read More

Love Slave for Two: Family Matters (Book 2)

Love Slave for Two: Family Matters Love Slave for Two ... Read More

Love Slave for Two (Book 1)

Love Slave for Two Love Slave for Two 1 mmf, ... Read More

Cardinal’s Rule (Suncoast Society)

Cardinal's Rule Suncoast Society 3 MMF, BDSM, MaleDom, FemDom Writing As: ... Read More

The Reluctant Dom (Suncoast Society)

The Reluctant Dom Suncoast Society - 4 MFM, BDSM, contemporary, menage ... Read More

The Denim Dom (Suncoast Society)

The Denim Dom Suncoast Society mf, BDSM Writing As: Tymber ... Read More

Fire and Ice (Triple Trouble Prequel)

Fire and Ice Triple Trouble Series Prequel MFM, paranormal, dragon shifters Writing ... Read More

Trouble Comes in Threes (Triple Trouble 1)

Trouble Comes in Threes Triple Trouble - Book 1 MFMM, paranormal, ... Read More

Storm Warning (Triple Trouble 2)

Storm Warning Triple Trouble - Book 2 MFMM, paranormal, wolf shifters ... Read More

Three Dog Night (Triple Trouble 3)

Three Dog Night Triple Trouble - Book 3 MFMM, paranormal, wolf ... Read More

kitten’s tale

kitten's tale mmf, BDSM, contemporary Writing As: Tymber Dalton Publisher: ... Read More


20 thoughts on “Audiobooks

  1. I just found your books on audible bought three of them straight away. I would like to know if the love slave series will also be made into audio books.
    Thank you for being so great.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I don’t have any control over which of my Siren-BookStrand releases are sent to audiobook format or when. That’s under the control of my publisher and the producers they contract with. I’m notified once the book is available in audiobook format.

  2. I love so many of your books. I have read so many you have written as Tymber Dalton and Leslie Richardson. I wasn’t aware of the others so I’ll have to check them out as well. I was rather disappointed that only a couple of your books were available in audio format. I really enjoy listening to books while I’m driving. I hope your publisher puts more of your books in audio format soon. I will be sure to purchase them
    Two of my favorite series is the Deep Space Mission Corps and Love Slave for 2. I hope these come out in audio soon.

  3. Just finished listening to Love Slave for Two. The voice actor did an excellent job. Hope they continue withe the series in audio and use the same VA.

  4. I am currently listening to love slave for two from audible I was a little unsure of the narrator at first as I’ve read the ebooks so many times I had voices for the characters in my head but after half an hour of listening I got over it and am really enjoying it.
    Do you know if and when the rest of the series will be released on audible.
    Thank you again for always making reading fun.

    • @Fiona – Thanks! 🙂 I don’t have any control over those releases, that’s totally up to my publisher. The first and second books are currently available, though, so I’m hoping the rest goes to audio as well.

  5. I just finished the 3 book in the slave series on auditable loved them would love to know when the 4th book will come out. Thanks

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