Available for Pre-Order – Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5)

I know, I heard the squees. LOL (And I REALLY appreciate them!!)

Now available for pre-order:

Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5)


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All Tyler wants to do is go home following his exhausting book tour, when a phone call from his past brings life to a grinding halt. He knows he must deal with it, or forever regret it.

Tom loves Ty and understands if his guy doesn’t process things now, it’ll always haunt him. Which is why he travels with Ty on his journey, to support and love him through it.

Nevvie’s past formed who she is. Any threat to her family means she’ll immediately engage momma-bear mode. She’ll make sure justice is done…even if she has to do it herself.

While a hurricane aims for Savannah, the triad learns information that will forever impact their family and leaves Tom feeling guilty for not being home. Now the race is on to protect their family from an unknown killer and prove their innocence. Can they weather the storms together, or will forces beyond their control rip their lives apart?

If you are missing any of the previous books in the series (prequel – book 4) you can get the Love Slave for Two box set, and it’s a great deal!

Love Slave for Two Collection


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6 thoughts on “Available for Pre-Order – Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5)

  1. Love Slave for Two was my gateway to your books. I will always return for another story in their world. Love Slave for Two: Vet Visits; Love Slave for Two: Researches Colleges; Love Slave for Two: Picks up Milk & Dry Cleaning, etc.
    I’ LLC but them all and be glad for the chance.

  2. That last line didn’t come out right. I am having a serious learning curve with the new virtual keyboard w/ the latest version of IOS.

    It should read: “I’d buy them all and be glad of the chance.”

  3. Waiting with baited breath for the next two installments of my one of favorite triads. Can’t wait for more of Triple Trouble either!

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