A Bleacke Wind (Bleacke Shifters 3)

A_Bleacke_Wind_200x300A Bleacke Wind
Bleacke Shifters – Book 3

Contemporary paranormal (wolf shifters), MF, IR and BBW with secondary characters

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

Release Date: July 15, 2015

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[107, 400 words]

Dewi Bleacke is the Targhee wolf pack’s Head Enforcer. As little sister to the pack’s Alpha, her older brothers have demanded she has a froufrou formal wedding. Dewi’s only consolation is that it’ll be a double ceremony, with Beck and Nami saying their vows, too.

As they prepare to head to the pack’s compound in Idaho, Enforcer Joaquin Carlomarles shows up at Dewi’s front door. Dewi had assigned him to Mexico to get him out of her and Beck’s fur, but now he has the head of a drug cartel on his tail, looking for revenge.

With orders to bring Joaquin to Idaho, Dewi and the others set off. Then an unexpected mating throws yet another monkey wrench into the plans. That’s when danger finds the Targhee pack, forcing Ken to extremes he never dreamed for survival. Keeping himself and Nami alive in the Idaho wilderness might even require help from an unexpected source, as answers to old tragedies are delivered on… A Bleacke Wind.

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  1. HUN luv this series sorry trying to rush you with when they coming out lol but I luv this series so do we have a date yet for A Bleacke Wind?

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