Space Confederation

td-fr3Writing As: Tymber Dalton
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand

The Space Confederation series is similar in tone to the Deep Space Mission Corps series, but in a different “world.” Set in a distant future, it is a character-driven space opera series.


  1. Fierce Radiance


There are more books planned for this series, but I don’t have a timeline yet.

4 thoughts on “Space Confederation

  1. Are there any plans to continue this series? I loved this book and thought there would be more….

  2. Fierce Radiance is one of the best books I have ever read. Even though your other books are good, This one is outstanding!!!I hope you do write more books in this series.

  3. PLEASE let me know when the next book in the Space Confederation series is available! The first was a book I could not put down.

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