Time Machine Discount: Out of the Darkness

Coming Soon | Pre-Orders | Series Info For a very limited time, my backlist title Out of the Darkness (Coffeeshop Coven prequel) is available for .99 only at BookStrand! … Read More

#BacklistTitle – Cross Country Chaos (writing as Lesli Richardson)

This was my first book published by Siren nearly ten years ago! Writing as Lesli Richardson – Cross Country Chaos. Kelly must survive a grueling cross country drive to Nationals with her sons and mother, but more importantly, can she make herself take a chance on love? http://www.bookstrand.com/cross-country-chaos Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU) Kindle (JP) | Kindle … Read More

What’s up in my world? Funny you should ask…

Are you ready to meet the Governor? Who is he? Funny you should ask… Those of you in my Tymber’s Trybe readers group already know most of this, but a few updates. … Read More

Now on Kindle and third-party sites: Steady Rain (Suncoast Society)

Now available on Kindle and other third-party sites: Steady Rain (Suncoast Society 67, MMF, BDSM) by Tymber Dalton. http://www.bookstrand.com/book/steady-rain Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU) Kindle (JP) | Kindle (IT) | Kindle (DE) | Kindle (MX) Kindle (BR) | Kindle (IN) | Kindle (NL) | Kindle (ES) | Kindle (FR) Nook | Kobo | iTunes | Google Blurb: When a hurricane takes Jessica’s home, gives her a new dog, and forces her return to Florida, she’s … Read More

Amazon rank-stripping erotica books and authors.

(Latest Edit: 3/29/2018 – 10:15pm – Most of my book rankings are now back. Back-end at Author Central I still can’t see my author ranking for Kindle/erotica and Books/erotica, but hopefully that will come back soon. I’m cynical enough to wonder if their stock shares plummeting today, combined with someone noticing a sudden dip in … Read More

#FreebieAlert – 3/16/2018 Edition

Another quick freebie post, because a few popped up on my radar since the last one. (Remember, affiliate fees used in some places to make me a few extra pennies while not costing you a dime.) First, the bill-paying. LOL I have a couple of books available for pre-order, one which is releasing this coming … Read More

#FreebieAlert #PeepPimpage 03/12/2018 Edition

(Reminder that I use affiliate links to make a few pennies and it doesn’t cost you a dime.) It’s that time again! Freeeeeebies. Who doesn’t love them? (Well, we like them being free, sometimes they aren’t that fantastic. Win some, lose some…) First…the bill-paying portion of my post. Because that’s how I make my living. … Read More

Available for Pre-Order: Like the Seasons (Suncoast Society)

Now available for pre-order: Like the Seasons (Suncoast Society 69, MM, BDSM) by Tymber Dalton. (This is the sequel to Indifference of Heaven, which is also available for pre-order.) http://www.bookstrand.com/book/like-the-seasons Blurb: Boyd’s determined to make his relationship with Caleb succeed, no matter what they must do to keep it a secret at work until they … Read More

#PeepPimpage 2/22/2018 edition.

(Amazon affiliate link codes are included. Doesn’t cost you a penny, but makes me a few extra cents.) Woot! Bestie Ravenna Tate has a new book out, first in a new series, and it is delicious!!! Bloodlust (Unlicensed to Kill 1) And if you haven’t tried out some of her other books, you’re missing out! … Read More

Pretty please…

This is that periodic whine I hate to do but which is included in the whole part and parcel of being a writer. Amazon places a HUGE amount of weight on reviews (positive and critical) when its magic sauce algorithms determine a book’s placement. It’s not just the sales that can put it on the … Read More

Available for Pre-Order: Indifference of Heaven (Suncoast Society)

PSST! Before we get started, if you are of the reviewing persuasion, could you please leave an honest review for my books over on Amazon? I greatly appreciate it, because it REALLY helps a book’s rankings and visibility on the site. A book’s rank is tied not just to sales, but how many reviews it … Read More

Love Slave for Two: Retribution (book 6) at Kindle, print updates.

Woot! For those of you who’ve been waiting for Love Slave for Two: Retribution to hit Kindle–it’s there! It’s also on Kobo, and I’ll update the listing when it hits Nook, Apple, and Google. http://www.bookstrand.com/book/love-slave-for-two-retribution Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU) Kindle (JP) | Kindle (IT) | Kindle (DE) | Kindle (MX) Kindle … Read More

#WhatImReading 1/23/2018 edition.

Thanks for all the notes about the release of Almost Gothic yesterday! I really appreciate the feedback, and I’m glad Rusty and Eliza’s story resonated so strongly with everyone. 🙂 And you can pre-order the next book in the Suncoast Society series, Empty-Handed Heart. Also, in case you missed it, Love Slave for Two: Resilience (book 5) … Read More

1/21/2018: New titles available in print.

Two more titles in my Suncoast Society series have been released in print versions: See You Sometime (Suncoast Society 56, MF, BDSM) Borderline (Suncoast Society 57, BDSM, MM with MMM, MMMF, and MF) In case you missed it, other recent print releases include: This Moody Bastard Walk Between the Raindrops Rub Me Raw Any World That … Read More

Available for Pre-Order: Friends in Common (Suncoast Society)

Ready for the latest installment of craziness between Cali, Max, and Sean? Want to see what Baxter the bondage cat’s up to now? Want a tantalizing peek at Rusty and Eliza’s story before their book releases in January? Want to see how a T-Rex wears a strap-on? … Read More