10/10/18: Catch-up Post – New releases, pre-orders, #PeepPimpage, & more.

Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss an update! Whew. I’m not exactly dug out of #deadlinehell but I’m no longer treading water (for now) and feel like I’m standing on the bottom again. Again, for now. I have to start getting the mountain of stuff on my dining room table ready to take to … Read More

6/14/2018 #freebiealert and #peeppimpage

(Note: I’m going to be extremely careful what freebies I post going forward. I have a feeling in the past I might have unknowingly shared “stuffed” books, and I want to make sure I don’t do that in the future. Those kinds of scammers are harming not only authors in Kindle Unlimited, but ALL authors, … Read More

#SundayRead – PREY by Cari Silverwood #peeppimpage

So what am I reading right now? Just finished PREY by Cari Silverwood. It’s not your typical romance… LOL It’s sci-fi, little bit of dubcon, and there’s a stoneshifter. Ooooh, boy. 🙂 But it’s hawwwt, and it’s short, and definitely worth the read. Great world-building! Yes, I already one-clicked the sequel that’s available for pre-order, … Read More

#cockygate Book Rec – Cocktales (anthology)

Oh, and the original author who started this mess by trademarking “cocky,” Faleena Hopkins, is still at it. She’s filing a lawsuit against people now for challenging her trademark. (Um, if she was so sure about her trademark, why not let it wind its way through the usual trademark channels instead of filing a lawsuit … Read More

#cockygate Book Rec – His Cocky Valet

I LITERALLY one-clicked this book just because of the blurb, especially the part at the end. No idea if it’s any good or not, but…yeah. LOL MM with D/s? YES, PLEASE! (Never heard of the author before, but damn, they can write a blurb. LOL) https://amzn.to/2GRa7jY Ash Harrington’s life is out of control. At twenty-three … Read More

#FreebieAlert – 3/16/2018 Edition

Another quick freebie post, because a few popped up on my radar since the last one. (Remember, affiliate fees used in some places to make me a few extra pennies while not costing you a dime.) First, the bill-paying. LOL I have a couple of books available for pre-order, one which is releasing this coming … Read More

#FreebieAlert #PeepPimpage 03/12/2018 Edition

(Reminder that I use affiliate links to make a few pennies and it doesn’t cost you a dime.) It’s that time again! Freeeeeebies. Who doesn’t love them? (Well, we like them being free, sometimes they aren’t that fantastic. Win some, lose some…) First…the bill-paying portion of my post. Because that’s how I make my living. … Read More

#PeepPimpage 2/22/2018 edition.

(Amazon affiliate link codes are included. Doesn’t cost you a penny, but makes me a few extra cents.) Woot! Bestie Ravenna Tate has a new book out, first in a new series, and it is delicious!!! Bloodlust (Unlicensed to Kill 1) And if you haven’t tried out some of her other books, you’re missing out! … Read More