Christmas Present Ideas 2017

It’s been…a year. I humbly present to you present ideas for those of you still needing some stuff. (Or even for yourselves.) If you can’t see the pictures, turn off your pop-up blocker (they’re Amazon links). (Affiliate codes included because I might make a few pennies and it won’t cost you a dime.) Who wouldn’t … Read More

#FridayFunny – Holy Sh*t, It’s Christmas

This one’s NSFW due to language. LOL Enjoy! (If the video doesn’t show, click HERE.) Love Slave for Two: Resilience (book 5) is now available, and book 6, Love Slave for Two: Retribution, is available for pre-order and releases this coming Monday, 12/11/17. Rusty and Eliza’s book, Almost Gothic, is coming in January. There’s a preview! … Read More

Happy Spanksgiving!

These are oldies but goodies that I trot out every year. 🙂 Enjoy! (If the videos don’t show up in email, click through to the post.)   And this one…

#FridayFunny – Remember, kiddies…

…Now if I could just convince Hubby of that… LOL Newsletter. I now use MailChimp for my newsletter. If you’d like to subscribe, please follow this link and make sure to reply to the confirmation e-mail. Thanks! ICYMI: Now Available: Blues Beach Sneak peek of Love Slave for Two: Resilience (book 5) Adult excerpt for … Read More

This week…

ICYMI: Any World That I’m Welcome To now available Rub Me Raw now available Heartache Spoken Here available for pre-order Walk Between the Raindrops now available Suncoast Society series book list page Coming Soon | Spreadsheet of Buy Links | Series Info | Audiobooks Facebook group Tymber’s Trybe | My Facebook Page | Twitter Tymber’s Amazon Author Page | Lesli’s … Read More

True story… #humor

Word. LOL 🙂 #FreebieAlert 12/10/2016 | Home at Last now available! | Coming Soon (NSFW) My Tymber Dalton BookStrand Author Page Follow and like my page on Facebook!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to my US peeps! I appreciate you buying and reading my books. 🙂 I’m very grateful to all of you, since I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you. <3 May you all have a safe and happy holiday! Here are a few smiles for you today. 🙂 WKRP “As God is my … Read More

Friday Funny: Wherez mah ballz? (Grimmy edition)

Grimmy: MOMMY!!! I can’t find my ball! Me: Play with another one. Grimmy: Dats mah FAVORITE!! And otherz GONEZ! Me: *searches and finally finds under microwave stand…* Wait for it… * * * Two Against Nature (Suncoast Society 39, MF, BDSM) is available for pre-order!

Friday it is, kitten have you…

Who doesn’t want to watch a Jedi kitten? (I mean, seriously. It’s fricking adorable.) Rhymes With Orange (Suncoast Society 35, MMMF, BDSM) is FINALLY available on Nook. Yay! It’s now in ALL the places. Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU) Kindle (JP) | Kindle (IT) | Kindle (DE) | Kindle (MX) Kindle (BR) … Read More

Scots, FTW.

This week has shown why Scots are the masters of insults. Clearly, I need to step up my game. Insults like twat waffle and douche canoe and taint wart are no longer sufficient. Thank you, Scotland, for your contributions to our language. We salute you! (No, that’s not sarcasm, that’s genuine admiration.) I had seen … Read More

Jane Austin’s Fight Club, and free BDSM 101 tutorial.

I shouldn’t talk about how much I love Fight Club (first and second rules) but THIS crossed my feed today and had me laughing my ass off. Totally work safe. Enjoy!! 🙂 (Click here if the video doesn’t show up for you.) Also, I decided to put my non-fiction BDSM tutorial, Whip Me, Beat Me, … Read More

Sh*t Writers Say (video)

Another one that’s funny…because it’s true… (Click here if you can’t see the video.) You can sign up for my newsletter by clicking here. No spam, just alerts when I post to the website so you don’t miss anything! I have a Facebook page you can like, if you’d like. 🙂 You can also bookmark … Read More

$h*t Romance Readers Say (video)

This is FUNNY, because it’s TRUE. (Click here if you can’t see the video.)   Did you see that you can pre-order Power of Three (Triple Trouble 8) from Siren-BookStrand? 🙂 You can sign up for my newsletter by clicking here. No spam, just alerts when I post to the website so you don’t miss … Read More

#moarcowbell2016 #Ricktatorship #Carlmunism #GrimesGrimes2016

(Apparently people are now trying to strip my watermarks off the original Walken-Busey meme I posted. Assshoooooles! Yes, I did create that particular one, and if you look at my Facebook page where I first posted it, you can see the faint watermarks. Hence why I’m now watermarking the hell out of new ones.) So … Read More

So I created a meme, and…apparently…um…well…yeah… LOL #moarcowbell2016 #WalkenBusey2016

So here’s the thing. Those of you who follow me know I have a very…odd sense of humor. Last Thursday, I literally spent five minutes in Pixelmator creating something that made ME giggle because I am sooo totally over this farking election. I had a thought that cracked me up, so I made a meme. … Read More