#TimeMachine Discount: Accidentally On Porpoise (Placida Pod 1)

Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss an update! The first book in my dolphin shifter series, Accidentally on Porpoise (Placida Pod 1, mm, writing as Tymber Dalton) is discounted to only .99 for a VERY limited time, and only on the BookStrand site. So if you haven’t read it yet, grab it while you … Read More

#TBT #backlist – Accidentally on Porpoise (Placida Pod)

Anyone who knows me or who’s followed me on social media for any length of time knows I have a fondness for puns. #thereisnosuchthingasabadpun When I saw a news story about dolphins in Sarasota Bay waters a few years ago, my mind immediately spun to dolphin shifters…and puns. (Yes, I know they’re not porpoises, but … Read More

#SneakPeek – Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4)

This is an unedited sneak peek from Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4), writing as Lesli Richardson. It’s coming in September and is available for pre-order now. Enjoy! Blurb: Honestly, Dewi preferred fighting the Segura drug cartel to having a frou-frou wedding. But she’s survived both with her sanity intact. Barely. That’s due in no small … Read More

Available for pre-order: Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4)

Click here to subscribe to my newsletter! Now available for pre-order on Kindle and elsewhere: Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4, writing as Lesli Richardson): Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU) Kindle (JP) | Kindle (IT) | Kindle (DE) | Kindle (MX) Kindle (BR) | Kindle (IN) | Kindle (NL) | Kindle (ES) | Kindle (FR) Nook | Kobo | iTunes | Google | Smashwords Other Vendor Purchase Links: books2read.com/LR-bleackeshifters4 Honestly, Dewi preferred fighting the Segura drug cartel … Read More

Now Available: Triple Trouble Collection Vol. 2

My second Triple Trouble box set is now available! (Note: These were previously released singly by Siren-BookStrand. There is NO new content.) http://www.bookstrand.com/book/the-triple-trouble-collection-volume-2 Blurb: Contains the following three titles: Trouble Comes in Threes (Triple Trouble 1) Storm Warning (Triple Trouble 2) Three Dog Night (Triple Trouble 3) In Trouble Comes in Threes, Elain Pardie loves … Read More

Now Available: Triple Trouble Prequel Collection

Now Available: The Triple Trouble Prequel Collection! This box set contains the three prequels to the Triple Trouble shifter series: Boiling Point Steam Fire and Ice (There is no new content in these books.) The Triple Trouble Prequel Collection (Vol. 1) Yes, I’m working on more books in this series. But Ryan Ausar and his … Read More

Now on Kindle: The Fire Road (Triple Trouble 10)

Book 10 of my Triple Trouble series, The Fire Road, is now available on Kindle. (Meaning it’ll be on all the third-party sites pretty soon.) http://www.bookstrand.com/book/the-fire-road Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU) Kindle (JP) | Kindle (IT) | Kindle (DE) | Kindle (MX) Kindle (BR) | Kindle (IN) | Kindle (NL) | Kindle (ES) … Read More

Release Day: The Fire Road (Triple Trouble 10)

It’s release day! The Fire Road (Triple Trouble 10) is now available from Siren-BookStrand! Click here to buy! Note: It takes 4-6 weeks for books to be released to third-party sites. I have no control over that. If you have a Kindle, you can order directly from Siren-BookStrand and have the file sent right to … Read More