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ICYMI: Any World That I’m Welcome To now available Rub Me Raw now available Heartache Spoken Here available for pre-order Walk Between the Raindrops now available Suncoast Society series book list page Coming Soon | Spreadsheet of Buy Links | Series Info | Audiobooks Facebook group Tymber’s Trybe | My Facebook Page | Twitter Tymber’s Amazon Author Page | Lesli’s … Read More

Blessed Solstice!

Blessed Summer Solstice, peeps! May this day be full of blessings for you! Merry Meet! )O( ICYMI: Available for pre-order: Any World That I’m Welcome To (Suncoast Society) Now Available: Rub Me Raw (Suncoast Society) Drunk Monkeys 6 in audiobook. Pretzel Logic and This Moody Bastard now on third-party sites. This Moody Bastard (Suncoast Society … Read More

New Pre-Order, Time Machine Discount, Adventures in Gardening 2017

So I’ve decided to seriously undertake vegetable gardening again. I use a combination of containers/raised beds because I cannot physically do traditional gardening methods with my fibromyalgia. (And I’ll be looking into straw bale gardening, too.) So I ordered a Mr. Stacky set of pots for strawberries, herbs, and greens, in addition to the other … Read More

Blessed Imbolc, peeps!

ICYMI My most recent releases: Happy Valenkink’s Day (Suncoast Society 44, various, BDSM) Available for pre-order, releases Monday, 2/6. Time Out of Mind (Suncoast Society 43, MM, BDSM) Ask DNA (Suncoast Society 42, MFM, BDSM) A Kinkmas Carol (Suncoast Society 41, various, BDSM) Yes, this is a Kaden book. (Sorry, I don’t supply tissues, but hey … Read More

On owning the “Bitch” label.

Happy New Year! Four days in and I’m already playing Whack-a-Troll on a friend’s behalf. Fun times, yes. Long story short (tl;dr): A real-life friend of mine who is also a KICK-ASS editor of well-known repute among romance authors, and who edits bestselling books for bestselling authors, got attacked on her Facebook page by a … Read More

Update: All Romance Ebooks (ARe) – The Fuckery Deepens.

So…THIS happened. Blindsiding the mostly romance book world (because, let’s be honest, that was the bulk of their titles), All Romance Ebooks suddenly notified everyone that they were shutting doors as of 12/31/16 (literally days after having sent out an email for ad sales for 2017), buh-bye, fuck you. Lori James has also now turned off … Read More

Reader Alert: All Romance Ebooks (ARe) is closing 12/31/16.

Unexpected news hit the book world yesterday that long-time e-book vendor All Romance Ebooks is closing their doors on 12/31/16. Worse? The fuckers were soliciting advertising for 2017 nearly a week earlier. I got an email from them because I have a couple of self-pubbed books on there. Had, I should say, because I pulled … Read More

#Oops – server burpage.

I updated a plugin and had a database burp that…well, killed my site on the front and backend. So I rolled back to a previous backup, and lost a post and some comments. I was able to re-post the post (hence why you might have saw a new one come through). Apologies about that.

Yuri on Ice #newobsession

O. M. G. My newest obsession (that I can indulge with alongside Hamilton, tyvm) is the anime series Yuri on Ice. I was late to the game here but OMG, is it amazing! The short version is Yuri is a 23-year-old struggling ice skater from Japan. He didn’t make the world finals and returns home … Read More

True story… #humor

Word. LOL 🙂 #FreebieAlert 12/10/2016 | Home at Last now available! | Coming Soon (NSFW) My Tymber Dalton BookStrand Author Page Follow and like my page on Facebook!

#HomeImprovementHell – More joys of old-house plumbing troubles…

I’ve discussed the joys of having a 60+ year-old house before. The latest saga… Son is home for a visit. And when I was standing in the kitchen yesterday, I heard the hot water heater running. Which, to be honest, I’d heard before over the past couple of weeks, but attributed it to normal use. … Read More

#AmericanHorrorStory – Roanoke: The Finale *Sigh*

*sigh* So, I’ve had to revise my opinion of the American Horror Story series. To be honest, after Hotel, I had started to worry about the franchise despite there being a few individual gems in that season. AHS: Roanoke has restored my faith in the writers and showrunners, and has jumped to the top of … Read More

Friday Funny: Wherez mah ballz? (Grimmy edition)

Grimmy: MOMMY!!! I can’t find my ball! Me: Play with another one. Grimmy: Dats mah FAVORITE!! And otherz GONEZ! Me: *searches and finally finds under microwave stand…* Wait for it… * * * Two Against Nature (Suncoast Society 39, MF, BDSM) is available for pre-order!

American Horror Story: Roanoke (aka OMG last night’s episode y’all! 6) SPOILERS #AHSRoanoke

Okay… WHEW. Last night on TV, there was something utterly terrifying, scary, with implausible monsters strutting around… And when the debate ended, people watched American Horror Story: Roanoke. (Ha!) Sorry, couldn’t resist. *** SPOILER ALERT  *** If you have not seen episode 6 yet of season 6 American Horror Story: Roanoke, then be warned now … Read More