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If you’d like to get an autographed bookplate sticker to put in your print book, and/or bookmarks, here’s how you can do that. Send a long self-addressed, stamped envelope (NOT one of the little envelopes, and NOT metered mail, it must be stamped or the PO hassles me) to:

Tymber Dalton
PO Box 341006
Tampa, FL 33694-1006

If you don’t send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, I can’t send you anything back, though, sorry.

However, if you’re from overseas and sending an SASE is functionally prohibitive, here’s a deal: send me a picture postcard from where you live. (Not just a novelty or plain one. LOL Landscape, or landmark, or aerial view, or something like that.) I love collecting postcards from around the world of different local scenery. Make sure your return address is clearly legible on it. In exchange for a glimpse of where you’re from, I’ll foot the postage to send you back the bookplates and bookmarks. 🙂