Happy Authorversary to Me! (Is too a thing…)

td-bv-loveandbrim3Eight years ago, on 08/08/08 (yes, same day as the Beijing Olympics opened) my very first fiction book was released. It was Love and Brimstone, and put out by Amira Press. (They were a great publisher to work with.) Since then, I’ve written over one hundred titles, most of them full-length novels.

Several years later, once the contract expired and I had the rights back, I rehomed both Love and Brimstone, as well as Brimstone Blues (books 1 and 2 in my Brimstone Vampires series) with Siren.

Yes, I do have more books planned for that series (and yes, these are the same vampires referenced in my Triple Trouble series). I need to get my demons in my Good Will Ghost Hunting series written first, though, because they’ve been patiently waiting while Ryan Ausar played around in my Triple Trouble series as a guest star. LOL Taz, Matthias, and the others still have a lot to say and will get their chance.

Love and Brimstone

Brimstone Blues


6 thoughts on “Happy Authorversary to Me! (Is too a thing…)

  1. I can’t believe you’ve written 100 books in 8 years, Tymber, that’s phenomenal. Congrats, that was an auspicious day indeed!

  2. Congratulations, Tymber. It must be so much fun in your head!

  3. Why can’t other authors writer as fast? You put them all to shame. Did you choose this date because of the Chinese belief that 8 is lucky?

    • @Kathryn – Nope, it was sheer luck. It just happened to be the date Amira Press had assigned as my release date. 🙂

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