Hello, Karma. (JK Publishing) #WriterBeware

Oh, I love the smell of Karma in the morning.

The publisher who was actually the focus of my Bad Publishing Contract Deconstructed series a couple of years ago was JK Publishing. I was hedging around at the time, trying to protect friends who’d sent me contracts.

Now it’s a matter of public record. Sometimes Karma is slow, but sometimes it’s well worth it.

The principal of the company, Jana Koretko (and who has a shit-ton of pen names) was arrested yesterday in Colorado on a slew of charges relating to her defauding authors.


Updated on 6/14/2017 to add this link:


Also adding this link, the affidavit posted by a local TV station: https://localtvkdvr.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/jana-koretko-affidavit.pdf

7 thoughts on “Hello, Karma. (JK Publishing) #WriterBeware

  1. Amazing! I do love karma and hope it comes around to all the authors who were stolen from and brings you all nothing but success and joy.

    So glad to hear justice was served for once.

  2. I always thought something wasn’t right with her. I never did like her. I supported several of the authors throughout their time with JK only because they were my friends and I loved their work. It’s sad to see them stolen from and lied too, at least now they have some closure and justice!

  3. Add to those charges the embarrassing mug shot. 🙂 Karma and Justice must be sisters, right?

    • That is seriously a nasty picture she looks like a criminal

  4. I was actually one of the authors she screwed over (although I admit not nearly as much as all the others). This woman ostracized me within her company and sealed my belief to never sign with another publisher. I hope she is found guilty and rots in prison.

  5. Article has been updated to add a link to an affidavit from the DAs office that a local TV station posted. It’s…just wow. Seriously wow. I can’t believe the brass balls of the woman.

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