Hubby’s got a new book! Dancing With a Dead Man (Wolf Mallory Mystery 3)

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Yay, Hubby! 🙂 He’s got a new Wolf Mallory book out. It’s live on Amazon, Google, and Smashwords, and is in pre-order at all the usual suspects, and will be available live there on Friday, 9/28. (We’d pre-set that, and I’m afraid to change the date for fear it’ll goof something up.)

Dancing With a Dead Man (Wolf Mallory Mystery – Book 3)

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Retirement doesn’t suit him…

Wolf Mallory’s life isn’t settling down following his forced early retirement from military intelligence. Not only is he now a private investigator, he’s about to go up against the most dangerous foe yet–a billionaire megalomaniac with dreams of seeing the South rise again. Confederate gold, electrical grid hacking, and murder aren’t things Wolf was trained to deal with during his previous career…but he’s about to get some pretty intense on-the-job experience.

Hubby also has a new MailChimp newsletter of his own now, where he’ll be posting every so often about his Jon Dalton and his Haley Jordan releases:

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