RIP Gidget (2/7/2017)

Hubby and I want to thank everyone for the kind words and prayers and energy from everyone. Unfortunately, when the vet did surgery yesterday, he found Gidget had several masses, the cancer was in her lymph nodes even, and there was actually a section of her intestines close to perforation from one of the masses. This … Read More

#SaturdayFlashFic – What do ewe see?

A little bit of whimsy for today’s writing prompt… … Read More

NSFW: Adult Excerpt from Borderline (Suncoast Society)

This is an excerpt from Borderline (Suncoast Society 57). This book is Bob’s book, a character introduced in Cardinal’s Rule, and who has appeared in a few other books. Bob discovered the joys of serving a dominant woman in college. Later, he felt adrift and alone, until he started seeing Mistress Cardinal. For three … Read More

Say. Her. Name.

Heather D. Heyer was murdered on American soil, by an act of domestic terrorism committed by a radicalized white supremacist terrorist, while standing up to Nazis. In 2017. Also, Chuck Wendig said things even better than I could. “This Isn’t Us” Say her name. Heather D. Heyer, American hero. Do NOT fucking call them the … Read More

#SaturdayFlashFic – Desolation

Your writing prompt for today… … Read More

Now Available: See You Sometime (Suncoast Society)

Now available: See You Sometime (Suncoast Society 56, MF, BDSM, HEA) by Tymber Dalton. Sometimes, the second chance is the sweetest…and the one best able to destroy you. … Read More

#SaturdayFlashFic – The House

How about a spooky flash fiction writing prompt today? … Read More

Character Fun: Ryan Ausar (Good Will Ghost Hunting)

Sometimes, you find an actor who is the perfect person to represent one of your characters. The other day, I shouted BINGO on that one. I’ve always sort of imagined Ryan Ausar (Good Will Ghost Hunting, Triple Trouble) and Tyler Paulson (Love Slave for Two) as being fairly close to each other in appearances. Except … Read More

Now on third-party sites: Any World That I’m Welcome To (Suncoast Society)

Now available on Kindle and other third-party Sites: Any World That I’m Welcome To (Suncoast Society 53, MMF, BDSM, HEA) by Tymber Dalton. A devastating wreck shatters Tamsin, Dexter, and Neil’s lives. Can the men care for her and rebuild a life for themselves in this new world? Buy Links: Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | … Read More

Available for pre-order: Borderline (Suncoast Society)

You know how you’ve been wanting Bob’s story? Poor Bob, from Cardinal’s Rule? The one who’s been showing up more and more lately? There’s a reason for that… Don’t worry — I didn’t forget about him. His book is Borderline. And there is another book coming up soon featuring this group of characters titled Never … Read More

Now on third-party sites: Rub Me Raw

Now available on third-party sites: Rub Me Raw (Suncoast Society 52, MM, BDSM, HEA) by Tymber Dalton Buy Links: Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU) Kindle (JP) | Kindle (IT) | Kindle (DE) | Kindle (MX) Kindle (BR) | Kindle (IN) | Kindle (NL) | Kindle (ES) | Kindle (FR) Nook | Kobo | iTunes | Google Blurb: Tired of being an object instead of a partner, Simon forces his ex to move out after … Read More

#WhatImReading – The Xenogenesis Trilogy by Octavia E. Butler

It sometimes takes me weeks to finish reading a fiction book when I’m in a massive writing cycle like I am right now. I’m just too dang busy. So it takes me time to work my way through a series. I finally finished the Xenogenesis Trilogy by the grand dame of science fiction, Octavia E. … Read More

New newsletter system.

I’m biting the bullet and switching from using FeedBurner as my primary “newsletter” to actually using a real fricking newsletter system. LOL I’m still going to have the FeedBurner…eh, feed active. But I’m going to start using MailChimp now. Because I hate spam as much as anyone else, you need to subscribe to it. I … Read More

Now in print: Kinko de Mayo and Time Out of Mind (Suncoast Society)

Two of my Suncoast Society books, Kinko de Mayo and Time Out of Mind, are now available in print as a combined volume! Amazon | B&N Kinko de Mayo (Suncoast Society 21) Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU) Kindle (JP) | Kindle (IT) | Kindle (DE) | Kindle (MX) Kindle (BR) | Kindle … Read More

Now Available: Roll With the Punches

Woo hoo! My latest book Roll With the Punches (Suncoast Society 55, MMM, BDSM, HEA) is now available: Stuart has no regrets about his new life with Brandon and Jeff. For the first time, he feels he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be, with a family who loves him for who he is. Even … Read More

Available for pre-order: See You Sometime, Vulnerable in print

Now available for pre-order: See You Sometime (Suncoast Society 56, MF, BDSM, HEA) by Tymber Dalton. Note: It takes 4-6 weeks for books to be released to third-party sites by my publisher after their initial release on the Siren-BookStrand site. I have no control over that. If you have a Kindle, you can order directly … Read More