Sorry, I was too lazy to find my digital camera and take a picture of my actual computer. This is my new red Toshiba Satellite T135 I picked up yesterday. Yes, it’s smaller than my regular Toshi, it’s got a 13.3 screen, but I plan on using it for writing. I am getting far too … Read More

Unsung hero in the piracy war.

Patricia McLinn is my new hero. (Or should I say heroine?) She decided to hit the file pirate sites where it really hurts–in their ad sales revenue. http://www.ninc.com/blog/index.php/archives/a-call-to-protect-copyrights You have to read about how she got AT&T to sit up, take notice, and act responsibly to remove their advertising off a file sharing site allowing … Read More

Sweet addiction.

I found this and their dark chocolate version at Wallyworld in the peanut butter section. I LOOOOOVE this stuff. ilovepeanutbutter.com “They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said no, no, no…” *Asshat FTC blog disclaimer: I paid for this myself, but if they wanted to give me freebies, I’d damn sure take … Read More

Writing How-To: Special Snowflake Follow-Up.

Wow. I’m totally blown away (in a good way) to the response to my “You are Not a Special Snowflake” post. I also had no idea (and I had many private responses besides the ones in the comments) how many people said they’d been afraid to say what I said. And that, to me, begs … Read More

"Safe Harbor" up for book of the week!

*Shameless begging for votes to follow.* My Tymber Dalton book, “Safe Harbor,” is up for book of the week over at Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews. Voting is open until Sunday night, and I would appreciate any and all votes: http://www.longandshortreviews.com/WC/recentrev.htm Also, I have an interview up on Julia Barrett’s blog about writing and writing … Read More

Publishing, Pirate Prattle, and Pay

There is this myth going around the pirate sites that they think published writers are rich, so if they steal files from them, it’s not hurting them, it’s only hurting “fat cat publishers.” Well, here’s another myth about to go up in flames on the sacred cow barbecue. The majority of writers, even writers whose … Read More

Writing How-To: You Are Not a Special Snowflake.

I was having a private email discussion back and forth with another writer who, like me, has found better than average success writing for indie e-publishers. They told me something that so totally resonated with me that yes, I have to share it. They were once given the advice to use multiple pen names and … Read More

A little insurance.

I’m an obsessive backer-upper when it comes to my files. Not every day, which is bad on my part, but redundantly. Two external drives for large quantities of data, plus two thumb drives specifically for works in progress, which fit in holders that go on my keyring and leave the house when I do. I … Read More

Writing How-To: Promotions

I responded to a promo question from newbie author who is a fellow writer at one of my publishers. I thought it might not be a bad idea to share my answers with y’all. Feel free to contribute your own ideas for what’s worked for you in the comments. Her e-book won’t be out for … Read More


This is how I feel right now for the next couple of minutes. I just turned in a manuscript to one of my publishers that I’ve been fighting to get done for a couple of weeks, and now, it’s done. So… iz basking And now, for the next project. see more dog and puppy pictures

What can you say?

I’ve wanted to write a post about the Haitian earthquake catastrophe, but really, what can you say? There are a lot of things I want to say, most of them involving epithets that would get this blog kicked over to the Blogger adult rating, about some of the asshats (I can say that, right?) who … Read More

What the…?

I’ve lived in Florida all my life. Only two other times I can remember it being this cold, but not for this long. The first was in 1976 or ’77, when it “snowed” very light flurries in the Tampa area (where I grew up), and again in the winter of 1989. This is ridiculous. They … Read More

Cover: "Steam"

Happy New Year! This is the cover for my soon-to-be released dragon shifter story, “Steam,” the sequel to “Boiling Point.” (Siren-BookStrand, writing as Tymber Dalton.) For those of you who enjoy my Triple Trouble shape-shifter series, you’ll be happy to learn this is a prequel to “Trouble Comes in Threes” and features Brodey Lyall.

Writing How-To: Avoiding Head Hopping POVs

Well, yesterday I did something I don’t get as much time to do lately as I’d like. I sat and finished reading a book. Unfortunately, this book was an older romance (published in the early ’90’s). I ordered it and the sequel from Paperbackswap.com because the sequel had been talked about on an Amazon.com discussion … Read More

Tis the Season to Fight the Humbugs

(No, the bulldog isn’t our bulldog, Bubbles, but I loved this pic.) I can sympathize. I know how he feels. I’m trying to stay in the holiday mood. I’m reeeealllly trying despite events of the past week. I’ve manged not to bark out “bah, humbug” yet. I’m ready for this year to be over. I … Read More