Performance Anxiety

So the good news is that “Love and Brimstone” is getting great reviews. The bad news is I’m ripping my hair out now over the sequel. Not because the story isn’t coming together, because it is. Frankly, I think it’s a good book. But… Now I sit and look at it and think, is it … Read More

*Le Sigh*

There’s always a feeling of…melancholy, mixed with relief and euphoria when I turn a manuscript into an editor. Such as I did this morning. My first book in the “Good Will Ghost Hunting” series, contracted to Lyrical Press, Inc., is officially in the pipe. It was actually a rather easy “birth,” relatively speaking in terms … Read More

"Love & Brimstone" Gets 5 out of 5 Stars! gave “Love & Brimstone” 5 out of 5 stars AND designated it a Featured Review! (Click to read the whole review.) The upshot: “WOW!!!!! Lesli Richardson’s Love & Brimstone kept me on the edge of my seat. I’ve gotten used to “A-B-C” books that are easy to tell exactly what will happen ten … Read More

"Love & Brimstone" Chosen as PNR Reviewer Top Pick for August!

SQUEEEEE!!!!!! I opened my email this afternoon: Congratulations! Your book, Love and Brimstone, has been chosen as “PNR Reviewer Top Pick” for August 2008. The feature can be seen at the url below. We have provided a graphic if you wish to display it on your website and link back to the feature. All … Read More


It’s not often that dreams come true in life. Today, one of those dreams was dropping not one, but TWO signed publishing contracts into the mail, one for BookStrand, one for Lyrical Press. These two projects are dramatically different (one is a contemporary romance, the other a paranormal thriller) and are dear to my heart … Read More

Dark Angel Review for "Love & Brimstone"

*gasping from hyperventilating…* I have received a fantastic 4-pixie review from for “Love & Brimstone!” What a great way to start a new week!!!! It gets officially listed on their site in the September update, but Amanda said I can advertise it now. Yippee!! The upshot: “LOVE & BRIMSTONE is not your traditional vampire … Read More

Whoo hoo, another review!

“Love & Brimstone” received 4 tombstones from! Yippee! “This paranormal plot takes you in plenty of directions, and you never know who is going to attack and when. It has clever twist and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.” This was a great way to start the morning! Yay!!!

Clear (?) skies and writing work habits.

Well, we survived the storm. Luckily it wasn’t much of an impact on our area. Still have the boards up, but we’ll get those down in the next couple of days. A chance comment and reply to a friend on an email list today prompted me to think about this and toss the question out … Read More

Hurry up and wait…

Hurry up and wait… “Hey, Mom, can I have ice cream, because you said we need to eat stuff out of the freezer and we don’t want it to melt.” You can’t argue with a 12 year-old’s logic, can you? So now I’m sitting in my boarded-up house (ie CAVE) waiting for TS Fay (or … Read More

Aiiiiieeeeeee!!!! My second review!!

I need to keep a stock of paper bags close by my laptop for hyperventilating. Even though right now I’m in the middle of preparations for TS Fay (which looks like it’s making landfall right over the top of my house) I can find joy in an email containing my second review on “Love & … Read More

My first review EVER!!!!!

*That ear-piercing shriek you just heard was me as I read my email.* This is my FIRST REVIEW EVER!!!! Here’s the upshot: “Lesli Richardson has taken the vampire myths that we all know to a very different level. No more fangs, coffins, or hiding from the sun. This is definitely a skillfully spun story … Read More

Guest Blogging Today (8/11)

I’m guest blogging today at the Romance Reader at Heart blog at: Don’t leave me to play with myself….eh, BY myself… *LOL* A randomly-selected commenter will win a copy of “Love & Brimstone.” Also, check out the Brimstone Series blog for my post on the “soundtrack” for “Love & Brimstone.”

"Love & Brimstone" Available for Sale!

It’s out!! It’s out, it’soutit’soutit’sout! Can you tell I’m happy? 🙂 “Love & Brimstone” has officially been released and is available for sale from Amira Press! Yippee!! Click here to buy “Love & Brimstone!”

Vampire Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest

Vampire Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest Less than a week until “Love & Brimstone” is released! That means… *drumroll* Contest! What will you win? A free copy of “Love & Brimstone!” (e-book version). What is the contest? Submit your best vampire-related bumper sticker slogans! Preferably original. For example, “Vampires do it in the dark.” (Okay, that’s … Read More