Now if I only had a brain and courage!

Apparently, like the Tin Man, I have a heart. Contrary to what my ex has said in the past, I’m not a heartless bitch. (I might still be a bitch, but I saw my heart on the echocardiogram, so I have proof positive that yes, I DO have a heart.) The tech said that he … Read More

I’m a number! :)

Yes, I’m a number and I’m happy about it. My RWA membership came through today and I got my confirmation email with my membership number. Woo hoo! I can now update all my query letters. *LOL* (This is one of the things our “economic stimulus package” check paid for, my membership. *LOL*) Now I feel … Read More


I just got home from playing human voodoo doll. At least, that’s what it seems like the lab I got my blood drawn was doing. The air conditioner was set to about twenty below zero, for starters. So all my limbs are pretty much numb (or so I thought). Then the girl comes in to … Read More

Sucktacular Synopsis Stigma

Most fiction writers will probably agree on one thing if nothing else: writing the synopsis sucks. Period. In fact, it’s a current discussion in The Romance Room email list. In that same vein, I found some helpful links on writing a synopsis (obviously this is more geared to fiction writing than non-fiction). … Read More

On Editing…

The editing process, as I’ve found, is always a learning curve. One can never know too much about editing. The more you edit, the more you learn, which leads to better writing. Participating on a peer-review critique group is a huge help for me. Not just in terms of getting feedback on my writing, but … Read More

What’s the Word?

Ugh. I had to bite the bullet and buy Word today. I’ve survived for several years without it, opting instead for the fully-featured (and FREE!) Open Office software. But now we’re in the editing process with “Love & Brimstone” and the editor assigned to my manuscript uses the track changes feature. So I have to … Read More

Writing Software

I had a great time yesterday with the interview! Jordana and Stephanie were fantastic, and invited me back after their summer hiatus. One of the things we talked about was how I write, and I mentioned a software I use. NAYY – I am simply a happy customer. I use SuperNotecard by Mindola. The way … Read More

Interview Anxiety!

I’m so excited! My interview with Jordana Ryan is today at 2pm eastern! Here’s the link: And a reporter from our local paper interviewed me this week, the story should be out next week. Eeep! Tune in and hear me hopefully not make an idiot out of myself! *LOL*


Now, my dh will be the first to tell you that I am NOT a shoe-hound. I’m likely to buy a comfy pair of normal sandals, on sale if I can, in three different colors and wear them until they disintegrate and I’m forced to buy new ones. (No, I have never watched “Sex in … Read More


So I did something totally not like me today – left the house over an hour EARLY (thank you very much) to take my husband’s car to the Honda dealer for a warranty recall check. It was getting ready to storm and I thought I’d miss the worst of it. Not so much. I drove … Read More

"Love & Brimstone" cover

Whoo hoo! I’m so chuffed! I received the cover art for “Love & Brimstone” and I’m tickled to death with it! I love how it came out! Ironically the cover artist’s name is Anastasia, and my heroine’s name is Anastazia…coinkydink? I think NOT! *LOL* Seriously, I love it, and think she did a wonderful job. … Read More

Book Promo: "Letting Luce" by Jenny Gilliam

Fellow writer Jenny Gilliam is releasing her book, “Letting Luce” on Friday, June 20. You can buy it from Amira Press. Here’s a blurb: When Lucy Hollister tried to drop-kick her personal computer out her second-story window, she had no idea it would eventually lead to the seduction of her very hot, very yummy best … Read More

I’m Being Interviewed!

I’m going to be interviewed on BlogTalkRadio by Jordana Ryan on Friday, 6/27/08, 2pm Eastern time. Whoo hoo! Here’s the link: Hear about my upcoming book, “Love & Brimstone,” coming soon from Amira Press.

Welcome to Tales from the Snark Side

Hi, my name is Lesli, and I’m a blogaholic… This blog will be focused (mostly) on my writing and writing-related issues, like plugging other writers, book reviews/recommendations, etc. You can link to a couple of my other blogs in the sidebar, but my writing-related issues will land here in this new home. I’ll also be … Read More