Whoo hoo, another review!

“Love & Brimstone” received 4 tombstones from BittenByBooks.com! Yippee! “This paranormal plot takes you in plenty of directions, and you never know who is going to attack and when. It has clever twist and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.” This was a great way to start the morning! Yay!!!

Clear (?) skies and writing work habits.

Well, we survived the storm. Luckily it wasn’t much of an impact on our area. Still have the boards up, but we’ll get those down in the next couple of days. A chance comment and reply to a friend on an email list today prompted me to think about this and toss the question out … Read More

Hurry up and wait…

Hurry up and wait… “Hey, Mom, can I have ice cream, because you said we need to eat stuff out of the freezer and we don’t want it to melt.” You can’t argue with a 12 year-old’s logic, can you? So now I’m sitting in my boarded-up house (ie CAVE) waiting for TS Fay (or … Read More

Aiiiiieeeeeee!!!! My second review!!

I need to keep a stock of paper bags close by my laptop for hyperventilating. Even though right now I’m in the middle of preparations for TS Fay (which looks like it’s making landfall right over the top of my house) I can find joy in an email containing my second review on “Love & … Read More

My first review EVER!!!!!

*That ear-piercing shriek you just heard was me as I read my email.* This is my FIRST REVIEW EVER!!!! http://www.paranormalromance.org/reviews/review.php?id=28879 Here’s the upshot: “Lesli Richardson has taken the vampire myths that we all know to a very different level. No more fangs, coffins, or hiding from the sun. This is definitely a skillfully spun story … Read More

Writing and “Real Life?”

(This is my weekly contribution to the Amira Press Says blog at: http://amirapresssays.blogspot.com/ If you haven’t stopped by there lately, please go check it out! We have a lot of talented authors at Amira Press!) *** The powers that be are allowing us to free-range blog this week, so I decided to tackle the subject … Read More

Bits & Pieces

Today is a variety of things. I’ve got “Love & Brimstone” submitted to several review sites, so keep your fingers crossed! None of the peer critiques told me it was crap, so hopefully the reviewers will like it too. *LOL* Have you taken a look at the “Love & Brimstone” book trailer? Feel free to … Read More

Now if I only had a brain and courage!

Apparently, like the Tin Man, I have a heart. Contrary to what my ex has said in the past, I’m not a heartless bitch. (I might still be a bitch, but I saw my heart on the echocardiogram, so I have proof positive that yes, I DO have a heart.) The tech said that he … Read More


I just got home from playing human voodoo doll. At least, that’s what it seems like the lab I got my blood drawn was doing. The air conditioner was set to about twenty below zero, for starters. So all my limbs are pretty much numb (or so I thought). Then the girl comes in to … Read More

Sucktacular Synopsis Stigma

Most fiction writers will probably agree on one thing if nothing else: writing the synopsis sucks. Period. In fact, it’s a current discussion in The Romance Room email list. In that same vein, I found some helpful links on writing a synopsis (obviously this is more geared to fiction writing than non-fiction). http://www.writing-world.com/publish/synopsis.shtml http://www.kathycarmichael.com/synopsis.clearwater.fiction.html http://www.writing-life.com/fiction/synopsis.html … Read More

On Editing…

The editing process, as I’ve found, is always a learning curve. One can never know too much about editing. The more you edit, the more you learn, which leads to better writing. Participating on a peer-review critique group is a huge help for me. Not just in terms of getting feedback on my writing, but … Read More

What’s the Word?

Ugh. I had to bite the bullet and buy Word today. I’ve survived for several years without it, opting instead for the fully-featured (and FREE!) Open Office software. But now we’re in the editing process with “Love & Brimstone” and the editor assigned to my manuscript uses the track changes feature. So I have to … Read More

Writing Software

I had a great time yesterday with the interview! Jordana and Stephanie were fantastic, and invited me back after their summer hiatus. One of the things we talked about was how I write, and I mentioned a software I use. NAYY – I am simply a happy customer. I use SuperNotecard by Mindola. The way … Read More

Interview Anxiety!

I’m so excited! My interview with Jordana Ryan is today at 2pm eastern! Here’s the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Jordana-Ryan And a reporter from our local paper interviewed me this week, the story should be out next week. Eeep! Tune in and hear me hopefully not make an idiot out of myself! *LOL*


Now, my dh will be the first to tell you that I am NOT a shoe-hound. I’m likely to buy a comfy pair of normal sandals, on sale if I can, in three different colors and wear them until they disintegrate and I’m forced to buy new ones. (No, I have never watched “Sex in … Read More