I haz official newsletter! LOL

How is this different than what I’ve been doing? It’s not the WordPress newsletter function, or FeedBurner, it’s MailChimp. You must opt-in, because I hate spam as much as you do and I won’t be adding the old subscribers from FeedBurner to the new newsletter. Instead of getting an e-mail every time I add a new post, you’ll get an actual newsletter I’ll send out.

What will you get in this newsletter? You’ll get timely updates on new releases, peeks into my WIPs, news about my crazy life, furbaby pics, fibromyalgia rants, free unicorns*, rainbows and kittehs**, and more! 🙂

Just fill in the form below (or in the sidebar menu) and make SURE to look for the confirmation e-mail. If you don’t respond to that, it won’t complete your subscription. (If it doesn’t show up, look in your junk or spam folder. If it still doesn’t show up, you might have oopsied when entering your e-mail address, so try again. LOL)

*-of the imaginary kind
**-pictures, not real ones

Thank you for subscribing! I really appreciate it! 🙂

Never miss a new release! Make sure to respond to the confirmation e-mail to complete your subscription. Thanks!

I will still use FeedBurner and will keep that service active. What’s the difference? It sends you an e-mail every time I upload a new post to the website, as opposed to the MailChimp opt-in newsletter, which I’ll be posting on a regular basis, but it won’t be EVERY time I post something to the website. Some people want that, and that’s fine, too. If you don’t want to get that any more, next time one of the FeedBurner messages arrive (it’ll say on the bottom it’s powered by FeedBurner) follow the instructions to unsub from it.

Or if you use a feed reader and WANT to get that, you can click the Feed icon at the top of the page to get the FeedBurner link there.

Thing is, I keep hearing rumblings FeedBurner might get discontinued, and that would suuuuuck. Because I’d lose my whole “mailing list” and any way to contact you if you aren’t in my Facebook group.