Random Spring(?) Cleaning Contest

UPDATE: Comments are now closed, keep an eye out for the blog post listing the winners…

Yeah, I know it’s not spring. (At least not here in Florida.) Sir was teasing me over the weekend, saying I need a lip balm intervention…

Um, He might be right. LOL This is what I found I had today after cleaning my office.

And that’s JUST in my office, not counting the tubes I have stashed everywhere, like in the bathroom, bedroom, my purse, etc. LOL

That’s beside the point.

Today, I moved out my two smaller desks, moved in Hubby’s (now) old desk for me, and he started assembling his new IKEA Expedit desk.

That was a good thing, because my floor space in my office was shrinking at an exponentially alarming rate. LOL I desperately needed to do some cleaning and flinging and organizing.

Good news — I found swag! LOL So here’s the deal. I’ve got a couple of swag bags, and found my cover flats, bookmarks, etc.

I’m going to do a giveaway for twenty lucky people. I’ll draw randomly using random.org’s number generator to pick the winners. A couple will win swag bags, the rest will win envelopes full of assorted goodies like bookmarks, cover flats, autographed bookplates, etc.

You must be 18 years of age or older (or of legal age in your place of residence). Open world-wide (unless a giveaway is illegal where you live).

How do you enter? Simply leave me a comment on this post. And make sure you don’t post as “anonymous” or I won’t be able to identify you. LOL If it wants to leave you anon, then make sure to put your name and/or e-mail address in the comment – replace the @ with AT and the . with DOT and put a space between the words to stymie spam bots. 🙂

I’ll close the post to comments by 9pm Eastern time on Wednesday, June 5th and post the winners in a new blog shortly thereafter.

CHECK BACK to see if you won!!!

You have 48 HOURS to email me if you’re a winner. Otherwise, I’ll go down the line and pick new winners, so make SURE you check back in!



GO! 🙂

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140 thoughts on “Random Spring(?) Cleaning Contest

  1. Just got finished reading Triple Trouble #5 Out of Smoke & Ashes. Loved it. Need next one ASAP please. Would love some SWAG also

  2. Hi! I love finding lip balm because I never seem to have any when I need it. 🙂

  3. I have a ton of Burts Bees, and also Carmex. I’m partial to the Lime, Mint, and Cherry Carmex. And have been spring cleaning myself too. Never ends, really.

  4. Me! Me! Me! Please! Please! Please!

    steinbachtracey at yahoo dot com

  5. Sweet! I love burts bees! I have a few of the pomegranate ones. It’s my fav.



  6. Hi Tymber, it is well and truly winter where I am and the cold and rain have finally truly arrived so for someone to be ‘spring cleaning’ then I am full of admiration even if they say it was out of necessity and space was required!
    The necessity I see, is that more great stories will be coming our way so actually I am being selfish…. LOL!
    Have a good week!

  7. Hey it’s my birthday tomorrow, I would love some swag as a present 🙂 Good luck with the cleaning, that is on my list as well – ugh.

    mary AT ferretrescue DOT com

  8. Love your books,you & IKEA too. Hope the desk works out. Would love to win some swag too..Please!!

    chrissy9 at ptd dot net

  9. I see your lip balm addiction and raise you my lip stick/stain addiction. I found two tubes at the bottom of my work bag. They were the same color.

  10. Swag is always great. I love my Ikea furniture.

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Lisaguertin at Yahoo dot com

  11. My newly purchased lipbalm stash disappeared at my house. I think the kids snacked on them.

  12. Tymber, I would just love some swag to clutter up my office. 🙂 I could never have enough lip balm, pens and bookmarks to fill my purse and desk. Happy summer cleaning.
    shaneanreed AT gmail DOT com

  13. I would love some Swag. Lisa

    Lisaz1077 at hotmail dot com

  14. A certified pack-rat though quite organized and have absolutely no problem adding more. So I will gladly take some off your hands. So in my immortal words . .pick me, pick me, pick me!

  15. I have a huge bag full of burts bees wax, I get one every time I go to the store. Never finish a single tube.LOL

  16. I became a fan of your books after reading the Love Slave series. Your books are heartwarming and at times pee your pants laughing funny; not to mention wet your knickers hot too!!! I’d love to win a prize!! 🙂

  17. A lip balm addict? Hubby is one too. I find tubes everywhere. But as for swag would totally love some.

  18. I opened the page to read the blog and first thing I saw was the pic of the Burt’s lip balms… ya my drawers and desk look like that with lip balms all over the place lol I’m addicted to it. No you don’t need an intervention, people like me will enable your love of lip balm 😛

  19. Oh, the joy of spring cleaning! I don’t think I’ve ever spring cleaned, but I’ve heard it’s a lot of work 🙂 would love to have some swag from an outstanding author! Have fun cleaning up dust bunnies 🙂

    Angie C

    Angcrumley AT yahoo DOT com

  20. I am also a lip balm addict! I have them everywhere and use more than one brand! I hope you enjoy your ‘new’ desk & find new places to keep your lip balm!

  21. Would love to win fingers crossed
    Christi S

    Ca1siciliano at Yahoo dot com

  22. I love me some swag…love your books and the humor.

  23. My lip balm addiction isn’t quite that bad, but it is bad:) I think I have six tubes/containers just next to the bed!

  24. I love you and just had teeth pulled I need swag 😛

  25. Spring cleaning! Is it weird I enjoy doing this? =P

    I guess that leaves room for swag.

  26. That’s a lot of lip balm. 🙂 But it always feels so good to get the spring cleaning done.

  27. I looked at that desk for my hubby too. Love your books! Burned through LSf2 & Suncoast series will get to the others soon. Thx, Donna WEDM00RE at A0L d0t c0m

  28. Thanks for the chance. Love following your books, and FB page. You make it all fun.

  29. You are some of my favorite authors. I had NO idea that you were one in the same. thank you for all the hours of great reading!

  30. It’s hair ties for me, my hair s down to my hips. I find them everywhere. Love your books look forward to more.

  31. I just rearranged my lounge room and it felt awesome, I am sure it will be super messy before I know it because I am a put it down pick up later type. Glad you have more space and I am always willing to help you clear out swag.

    slimshrub AT hotmail DOT co DOT nz

  32. Looking for new swag send my way. My favorite of yours is The Reluctant Com I’m still getting friends and family to read it

  33. Love your books! Can’t wait for your new ones to come out. Thanks!

  34. Just read Reluctant Dom TWICE without stopping. SO good! Thx!

    –Mandie jovigirl222 AT yahoo DOT com.

  35. Pick me pick me pick me! I love swag. I’m always losing my lip balms.

    smurfettev AT Gmail DOT com

  36. The swag sounds wonderful!
    And well done on your “spring cleaning”…I’ve promised to do mine as soon as Spring arrives in the UK! lol
    Hugs xx

  37. Cleaning is definitely tiresome, but so worth it in the end. I think you need to have a Burt’s Bee intervention though 😉

  38. It’s amazing what you find when you do a little spring cleaning. I always find what I’ve been looking for. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. Love swag.

  39. I would love some swag from my favorite author! 🙂

  40. Oh boy, you and my daughter share that affliction. I have to keep getting her more and more. Good thing I have a source, lol! 😉 Thanks for the chance to win some goodies! betsy.avon at gmail

  41. I just cleaned out my office, too……all I found was a bunch of post-it notes…..nowhere NEAR as good as all of that lip balm!! Thanks for the fun contest!

  42. I love you and your writings!!! Can’t wait to read more of your books. And also thank you for being so awesome to your fans and have fun on the cleaning!! : )

  43. Love this! *yay* for spring cleaning and finding swag! =)
    Happy Tuesday!

  44. Would love swag….. but would really like someone to come and do my Spring Cleaning for me! Well since I have no chance in hell of that happening, I will opt for swag if possible. Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. Cynthia K said

    While the calendar may be June–it was in the 40’s this morning. That is not late Spring or early Summer.

    Love your stories, Tymber, irregardless what realm or name you write them as. My favorites are a tie: Love Slave (all of them) and Spider Bight (all of them). I love to reread them!

    I would love to have some swag, bookmarks, whatever!!!


  46. I have lip balm envy as I can no longer find my preferred lip balm at the stores.

  47. I love reading your books! in what ever name you choose:)

  48. Well I am glad I am not the only one who hoards lip balm. I found 6 when I switched purses. I have them everywhere and then never know where they are when I want them.

  49. You KNOW I love you, chica! I think I may need an intervention, too. *sigh* I ended up with 3 tubes of lip balm while on vacation at Disney last week. I only brought ONE tho!!! LOL!!

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  50. I just got done with some spring cleaning too just before my oldest daughter is done with school for the year. I’m shocked at all the crap I didn’t throw out! haha. I have made room for some SWAG though.

  51. How cool to find swag hidden! I dare say that is a wee bit of chap stick. On a plus note, you are stocked up for awhile. 😉
    Shae Shannon

  52. I’ve had a really cruddy day and could use some cheering up so even a hello right now would work although a little gifty would be so much better 🙂

    pixy_boots at hotmail DOT com

  53. Love to win some swag.

    kbmckee at mail dot com

    And my 22 yo has the same chap stick obsession. He always has his chap stick with him.

  54. Oooh I could use a pick me up of goodies 🙂

    Scorp_grl2002 @ yahoo dot com

  55. My name is Caron and I too am a lip balm addict…omg so love Burt’s Bee’s !! Cute post Tymber I love all the pic’s, saying and comments you put up!!!

  56. Someone who shares my love of lip balm! I have just as many stashed around my house, in my purse, the car…LOL. A girl has to have kissable lips at all times. hehe

    The Reluctant Dom is next on my TBR list…can’t wait, since I have heard lots of great things about it!

  57. Just finished It’s a Sweet Life and once again you are a genius! Off to re-read the Triple Trouble Series!

  58. I too suffer from this affliction!! Of course it doesn’t help that I live less than a mile from Target and work there as well. They are always putting Burts Bees on clearance. I just keep adding to my collection.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  59. There is nothing wrong with a lip balm/gloss addiction. You have to make sure you have multiples of your favourites in case they stop making them! And you really don’t want to see how many I have stashed in my handbag. Love the DSMC series, is there going to be a new one soon? Any swag heading my way, would be happily accepted.

    simalex73 at yahoo dot com dot au

  60. I have a big problem with chap-stick…I have them stashed everywhere and if i can’t find any i’ll go buy some more.

    I would love to win some swag from you!

    Can’t wait for more Triple Trouble books! 🙂

  61. I think my favorite book of yours is Fierce Radiance, wish that this one could become a series. It was so emotionally charged and had such wonderful characters. Thanks for writing it!

  62. Oh how great would it be to win? Awesome! I just finished “Stoneface” last night. Love the relationship development and of course the “sex”.
    Oh, lip balm collection. I am always finding tubes of lip balm. I keep them in my car in each desk at all 3 of my offices, my purses, my sock drawer, my home office nooks and crannies, just never know when one will pop up. If I have a choice would like a swag please 😉

  63. Swag swag swag!! I love swag. I could put some in the KBR swag pile for giveaways! 🙂 Can’t wait!

  64. heya Tymber .. ur always doin summfin neat like this .. stopped entering these things yrs ago lol i never win but thought what the heck … who doesnt love swag =P

  65. I love all your books. And Swag would be great to have as well.

  66. I have lip balm in my car, my desk, my pockets, my bedside table, ect…. We are just well prepared people! Yes I am sticking with that.

  67. I lived in Florida for 25 years and so I know that spring is most definitely over already. LOL
    I would love to win something. With all that is going on right now for me, a prize would just make my day!
    Thanks for the chance.
    Good luck with the spring cleaning!

  68. I have a friend who hoards lip balm, too. So glad you found so many goodies. I really enjoy reading your books.


    sbmohr at mindspring dot com

  69. Love Slave for Two Series = great reads!!! Thanks for sharing all your creative thoughts.

    onegrumpycat at aol dot com

  70. Swag – sweet! I can relate to the lip balm issue – I came back from vacation with 3 new ones. 🙂

  71. Tymber, I am the same way with Carmex as you are with lip balm. I have tubes of it in every room and in my purse and make-up bag! lol

  72. I love your Triple Trouble series. i started reading your books back in 2008. I would love some swag.

    email is krasyone320 at yahoo dot com

  73. Finished Denim Dom last week. Love your books.

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