Now on Kindle: Almost Gothic (Rusty and Eliza’s story)

Now on Kindle (and coming soon to other third-party sites): Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society 65, MF, FemDom, BDSM) by Tymber Dalton. (I’ll update the other links as they go live.) Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU) Kindle (JP) | Kindle (IT) | Kindle (DE) | Kindle (MX) Kindle (BR) | Kindle (IN) | Kindle (NL) | Kindle (ES) | Kindle (FR) Nook | Kobo | iTunes | Google Click here to read an excerpt from … Read More

Now Available: Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society 65, MF, BDSM)

It’s release day! Everyone’s been wanting Rusty and Eliza’s story, and here it is. Remember, I have no control over how long it takes to send a book from BookStrand to third-party sites–that’s up to my publisher. BUT…you can buy it from BookStrand and put it on your device (or even have it sent directly … Read More

Excerpt: Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society 65), Rusty and Eliza’s story.

Here’s an excerpt from Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society 65), Rusty and Eliza’s story. Blurb: Rusty’s childhood is far darker than it looks on the surface. When he falls in love with Eliza on the day they meet in high school, he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, no matter … Read More

Available for pre-order: Rusty and Eliza’s story, Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society)

Rusty and Eliza have been Suncoast Society regulars and have appeared in many books in the series. Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society 65, MF, BDSM) is their feature book: Note: It takes 4-6 weeks for books to be released to third-party sites by my publisher after their initial release on the Siren-BookStrand site. I have … Read More

#FridayFunny – Holy Sh*t, It’s Christmas

This one’s NSFW due to language. LOL Enjoy! (If the video doesn’t show, click HERE.) Love Slave for Two: Resilience (book 5) is now available, and book 6, Love Slave for Two: Retribution, is available for pre-order and releases this coming Monday, 12/11/17. Rusty and Eliza’s book, Almost Gothic, is coming in January. There’s a preview! … Read More

Hello, December! And #PeepPimpage #FreebieAlert 12/01/2017

Whew! What a week. I hate the “short” months because it’s a day lost on my deadline. Exhausted, massive fibro flare pain from stress and the weather, and just wishing I’d hit the Powerball. LOL I heard Scrivener (the software I write in) had a massive update. I got it, updated… “You can’t run this … Read More

Sneak Peek: Almost Gothic (Rusty and Eliza’s story) #SnippetSaturday

The following is an unedited (so please forgive typos) sneak peek from the first chapter of Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society 65) which is Rusty and Eliza’s story. Enjoy! 🙂 EXCERPT: Rusty fell in love with Eliza when he was sixteen years old, on the day they met. That also happened to be the first day … Read More