#cockygate – Faleena Hopkins, trademark / patent troll.

Filed Under: Faleena Hopkins #cockygate trademark / patent troll Okay, what is #cockygate? Read my first article then meet me back here. There are updates. Ready? Here we go. Here’s the latest #cockygate Twitter thread, with all the court docs linked. We need to be supporting Kevin and the other authors in this fight against … Read More

#cockygate Book Rec – Cocktales (anthology)

Oh, and the original author who started this mess by trademarking “cocky,” Faleena Hopkins, is still at it. She’s filing a lawsuit against people now for challenging her trademark. (Um, if she was so sure about her trademark, why not let it wind its way through the usual trademark channels instead of filing a lawsuit … Read More

#cockygate Book Rec – His Cocky Valet

I LITERALLY one-clicked this book just because of the blurb, especially the part at the end. No idea if it’s any good or not, but…yeah. LOL MM with D/s? YES, PLEASE! (Never heard of the author before, but damn, they can write a blurb. LOL) https://amzn.to/2GRa7jY Ash Harrington’s life is out of control. At twenty-three … Read More

RT’s closing…but wait, there’s more! Bring out’cher conferences!

Sign up for my newsletter! Yesterday in Romlandia sucked balls. First, we’re dealing with #cockygate. Then RT announced they’re closing, and this is the last convention. (Although there will be a new con in its place.) Then we learn that Kindle Worlds is shutting down. Just…fuckballs, people. Fuckballs. So… Opening the comments here to crowdsource … Read More

#Cockygate – WTF? The summation.

Coming Soon | Pre-Orders | Series Info You’ve probably been hearing about #cockygate the past couple of weeks and might be wondering WTF is that? Long story short: A fairly newbie writer (Faleena Hopkins) decided she was going to trademark a common word, “cocky,” and then started going after other writers who’d used it in their book … Read More