Something weird in the air?

A quick informal poll of my Facebook peeps has them agreeing that it’s not just me. There’s just a weird energy today I can’t put my finger on. Not bad, just…weird. I’m hoping my latest flare (which has been torturing me for a couple of months now) is finally starting to ease. If only the … Read More

Coming Soon: More Suncoast Society books.

I’ve been going through my “trunk books” lately, books I’d started and put aside for some reason or another, usually because I was concerned it wasn’t a “long enough” book. Then a friend reminded me that not all books need to be 75k+ words long. LOL True. So the reason you’re seeing a flood of … Read More

Latest News

Sapiosexual (Suncoast Society 14, MFM) is available for pre-order and releases this Friday, 1/30/15: And A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day (Suncoast Society 15, MFM, MMF, MF) is also available for pre-order. Latest Releases: Crafty Bastards (MMF) | A Merry Little Kinkmas (various) | A Lovely Shade of Ouch (MF) | His Canvas (MF) And Siren has … Read More

Adult Excerpt: Sapiosexual (Suncoast Society)

The following story and adult excerpts are from my book Sapiosexual (Suncoast Society 14) which is currently available for pre-order from Siren-BookStrand and releases on 1/30/15. The heroine, Chelbie, is the best friend of Mallory from His Canvas. Enjoy! 🙂 Note: It takes 4-6 weeks for books to be released to third-party sites. I … Read More

Sapiosexual (Suncoast Society) available for pre-order.

I’m pleased to announce that Sapiosexual (Suncoast Society 14, mfm) is now available for pre-order from Siren-BookStrand! This is Chelbie’s story. She’s Mallory’s best friend from His Canvas. Blurb: Chelbie Larson’s turned on by intelligence, but the creative, snarky, feisty woman knows she’s too much for any one guy to handle. The picky sapiosexual … Read More

Coming Soon

Just turned in three more cover forms for the latest Suncoast Society books that are coming soon. That makes six books coming soon. 🙂 A Merry Little Kinkmas (Suncoast Society 13) Coming 1/16/15 [Pre-Order Now] Sapiosexual (Suncoast Society 14, Chelbie’s story) Coming 1/30/15 A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day (Suncoast Society 15) Coming 2/9/15 Things Made … Read More

Coming Soon – December Edition.

So what’s new? Oh, lots of stuff. Yes, I’m still working on the Drunk Monkeys. I’m finishing up books 7-10 so I can submit them all at the same time. And book 8 of the Triple Trouble series is in progress. Slowly, but surely. Meanwhile, A Lovely Shade of Ouch (Suncoast Society 11) is now … Read More

Release Date Updates

Here are the next release dates I have: His Canvas (Suncoast Society 10, mf, BDSM): 11/21/2014 A Lovely Shade of Ouch (Suncoast Society 11, mf, BDSM, Gilo’s story): 12/22/2014 Crafty Bastards (Suncoast Society 12, mmf, BDSM): 1/5/2015 Thanks! 🙂

“Where do you get your ideas?”

One of the most common questions I get is, “Where do you get your ideas?” Honestly? Getting the ideas isn’t the problem. Finding the time and energy to write everything is the problem. Especially now. What’s scary is my Drunk Monkeys series was conceived a few months ago, came to me all at once, all … Read More

Happy October!

Woot! The best month of the year. Samhain/Halloween is fast approaching, and the weather here in Florida is in that really confused state where it can’t make up its mind what the fark it wants to do. LOL I’m excited about a multi-author project I’m involved in, that’s going to be suh-WEET and can’t wait … Read More

New audiobook and more, what a crazy week!

Wow, this week hit the ground running and didn’t stop. LOL Monday was the Siren-BookStrand release of Monkey’s Uncle (Drunk Monkeys 2) but later that day, Monkey Business (Drunk Monkeys 1) went live on Kindle. (Yes, I know the other third-party sites are slower than my ass before a cuppa in the morning, but my … Read More

Sexy sneak peek from “Monkey’s Uncle” (Drunk Monkeys 2).

This is a sexy sneak peek from “Monkey’s Uncle” (Drunk Monkeys 2). You can pre-order it now from Siren-BookStrand! Click here to pre-order. He must have had his finger inside her all the way up to his knuckle. … Read More

“A Clean Sweep” (Suncoast Society 8) available for pre-order.

Woot! 🙂 The eighth installment in my Suncoast Society series, A Clean Sweep, is now available for pre-order from Siren-BookStrand: Blurb: [Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, cropping, caning, sex toys, HEA] Essline Barrone left Sarasota after graduating high school and never looked back. Sixteen years later, her neatly … Read More

Coming Soon: Monkey Business (Drunk Monkeys 1)

Looks like I have a release date of June 23 for Monkey Business (Drunk Monkeys 1, mfm) which is a near-future post-apocalyptic hunky special ops military series. Think the A-Team meets Mad Max meets The Walking Dead (without zombies, it’s NOT a paranormal series LOL). Blurb: When you absolutely, positively have a world to save, … Read More

Pimp your sh*t post!

I’m in a mood for a random “pimp your shit” post. 🙂 I haven’t done one of these in a while. Let’s see how large my TBR list can grow from new books I’ll discover… LOL So, in the comments, feel free to pimp your Facebook page/group, website, book, event, review site, blog, etc. The … Read More