Eating crow doesn’t taste so bad, and new beginnings. Welcome Kiwi.

It’s been just over a week since we lost our sweet Gidget. Hubby picked up her ashes and pawprint impression yesterday from the vet’s office. (A week to the day since we lost her. Some Valentine’s Day gift, huh?) Thank you to everyone who’s messaged and wrote Hubby and myself to express your condolences. They’re … Read More

RIP Gidget (2/7/2017)

Hubby and I want to thank everyone for the kind words and prayers and energy from everyone. Unfortunately, when the vet did surgery yesterday, he found Gidget had several masses, the cancer was in her lymph nodes even, and there was actually a section of her intestines close to perforation from one of the masses. This … Read More

Release day, and prayers/wishes/healing energy for Gidget requested.

Long story short, it’s release day, and our dog might die tomorrow. :/ Yeah, it sucks as much as it sounds. I posted the full version on Facebook, on my page: Gidget has something going on in her intestines, either a blockage, or a growth (ie cancer) or…something. They don’t know, but they’re doing … Read More

Be careful where you lay your head…

From the “this might not be a good idea” file… The other night, Gidget found what she thought was a perfectly acceptable pillow — Apache’s butt. I did warn her that she was taking a VERY large risk that he might let one rip, but she didn’t seem to care. LOL In case you missed … Read More

The further adventures of Sparkles the naughty unicorn…

We met a friend at the airport this morning to get his truck so he could fly out. We brought it home, and of course, Sparkles the naughty unicorn immediately asked about taking it out  for a run through Ybor City on Friday to get chicks… I think someone needs to tell him his aspirations … Read More

Why is Gidget sad…?

Why is Gidget sad? Gidget might possibly be sad because we have a guest for a few days… *cue dramatic DUH DUH DUUUUHHHHH music* De spotted wat, as Gidget calls her, is in da house… In case you missed it, Gidget has made two videos about de spotted wat (whose real name is Tequila, and … Read More

Merry Christmas From Princess Gidget (& the House Guest)

Merry Christmas from Princess Gidget and “de spotted wat,” Tequila.  

Dogs vs. Cats: The Wake-up.

When you’re feeling like crap and trying to wake up, it is once again a stark reminder about the differences between dogs and cats. Dogs will be your buddy and try to wake you up gently. Gidget this morning cuddled next to me, checking on me, making sure I’m alive and breathing and amongst the … Read More

Blessed Samhain and Happy Howl-oween from Gidget!

Blessed Samhain, peeps, and Happy Howl-oween from Gidget and Crew! Gidget sez: U kan hep keep me and de maow-maows (and Sheldon) in kibbul and kostumz by gettin Mommy’s books! (And Daddy haz 1 too.) Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2) Flying Monkeys (Drunk Monkeys 6) Dancing on a Tightrope

Welcome, Gidget’s Minion, Sheldon (Or…How we came to own a Russian tortoise.)

We have a few rules around our house. Well, okay, not rules, exactly, but things that make life in general run more smoothly. One of those is I usually should not be allowed to go, unescorted, to places like the grocery store, mass-market pet store, Office Depot, Staples, Target, mass-market pet store, any bookstore, JoAnn’s, … Read More

Welcome to the apupcalypse.

Apparently all my current work on my Drunk Monkeys series has Gidget a little nervous. She’s picked out her shotgun shells for the coming apupcalypse and is getting herself ready. Because, ya know, every apupcalypse requires a box (or five) of shotgun shells and your trusty sock monkey dog bed… But then… I awoke this … Read More