#ketodiet – I’m a believer. (Nom nom nom.)

Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss an update! (There are affiliate links in this post.) I purchased the book Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan at the recommendation of my doctor (she’s his daughter). Hubby and I have tried several recipes in it with great success, including the mug biscuits. I should add we’re not … Read More

Resolutions, shmesolutions.

(A couple of affiliate codes in this post.) I didn’t (and usually don’t) make New Year’s “resolutions,” per se. And because I’m stubborn and overworked and frequently shiny-squirreled in about a gazilion different directions at any time, it usually takes me a while to get on any given bandwagon. Ever since Weight Watchers stopped supporting … Read More


Sooo…been a couple of stressful weeks around here. I didn’t want to post anything publicly about this until we had all the answers, because I honestly couldn’t deal with the extra stress and spoons it would require to try to keep everyone posted. (Plus, I have enough health issues, so I didn’t want to dump incomplete … Read More

More Frankensteining my #fibromyalgia – Magnesium Oil

(Usual disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on TV, and I’m not recommending anything I say here is a cure or even appropriate treatment for you or for any medical condition. Consult your medical professional, pharmacist, shaman, or what have you before you undergo any kind of treatment regimen. The information provided here … Read More

#Fibromyalgia #spoonie Essential oils for pain relief.

**** DISCLAIMER! I am NOT a doctor, I am NOT a health professional. Any advice I give here is applicable ONLY to my experience. Your results may vary, consult your health care professional before doing anything, research your ass off, and I am in NO way responsible for how you use this information. Use at your … Read More

Fitbit, new electronic buddy.

So I’m on day 4 of doing a new supplement. I do feel like I have a little more energy than I usually do, FWIW. Pain levels still the same, but unfortunately I’m used to pain. And I’m on day 6 of using my Fitbit. So far, I’ve used a different wrist band every day. … Read More

Fibromyalgia, Fitbit, geekery, and why I canceled my Weight Watchers membership.

This will come as like zero shock to regular readers of this blog, but I am an unrepentant geek, especially when it comes to things like gadgets. Specifically, gadgets that will in some way simplify my life. No, I won’t go out and buy the newest iPhone (I will wait and buy an older one when … Read More

Write Your Ass Off: Preventing writing-related ouchies.

I blogged today over on the Write Your Ass Off blog about things I use to help mitigate repetitive-motion injuries/pain. http://writeyourassoff.blogspot.com/2015/10/taking-care-of-yourself-writing-related.html

Fibromyalgia, magnesium supplements, cardiologist quandary, and still looking for answers.

This is rambling, so feel free to ignore it if you want. I’m trying to get this out there for my own benefit (so I can remember it all) and in case it helps anyone, or anyone has any tips of their own. First, a couple of random updates. Self-stabby-McStabbykins Update: Yes, shin healed nicely, … Read More

More "frankensteining" my fibromyalgia.

I realized today that while I thought I’d put up a follow-up post about my current supplement regimen to help control my fibromyalgia symptoms, I hadn’t. *head/desk* First, if you haven’t read any of my previous posts about fibromyalgia, including me quitting Cymbalta cold-turkey last fall, you can find them all here. Let me start … Read More

Frankensteining my fibromyalgia.

Apparently I’ve coined a phrase, according to some of my peers on a FetLife group I’m on for kinksters with fibromyalgia. LOL I mentioned in a discussion about the various vitamins and supplements I’m tweaking and using to manage the symptoms of my fibromyalgia that I was “Frankensteining” my fibro. I guess that was a … Read More

On-on! Holy hashing, Batman!

So I went to my first hash today. If you don’t know what a hash is, they’re world-wide, and they’re drinking clubs with a running problem. LOL They’re bawdy, rowdy, fun as hell (and you don’t have to drink, I didn’t). Picture if you will a mix of Rocky Horror Picture Show-type adlibs with beer … Read More

Quitting Cymbalta (so far, so good)…

UPDATE: Today is one week since my last dose of Cymbalta, and actually feeling REALLY good. Mood swings are pretty much gone (although I do keep joking about “not killing” anyone LOL). Hubby said that yes, the past several days I seem really good. I’m still only taking the 10mg Flexeril at night like I … Read More

Quitting Cymbalta (and it isn’t pretty).

This pretty much describes me (partly) the past few days. Yes, Hubby is still alive. Sir (lucky Him) is several states and several thousand miles away on vacation and out of harm’s reach… LOL I suppose I should back up a few steps. Okay, for those of you who follow me on a regular basis, … Read More

Huh? Hmm.

Well, yesterday as I reported, I tipped the scales at 213.6. When I got on the scale today (yes, I know I’m only supposed to weigh myself on my weigh-in day) I was at 210. Same time of day, nothing different. Huh. The only thing I can figure is because Hubby and I had date … Read More