Happy Thanksgiving!

I know everyone posts melancholy “what I’m thankful for” posts today. But…well, you know me. *LOL* Actually I am pretty darn tootin’ thankful overall. This was a suck year in many ways (we lost two of our dogs, my health issues, full roof replacement) but honestly? I’m not going to kvetch over that. We have … Read More

iPad notes and comparisons (part 4)

Are you sick of me and my iPad yet? LOL Well, I have the plug-in keyboard dock for my iPad, but one serious limitation of that is you’re stuck in portrait mode, limiting your screen space. I don’t like that. So I ended up buying a Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 yesterday that works great. … Read More


This is how I feel right now for the next couple of minutes. I just turned in a manuscript to one of my publishers that I’ve been fighting to get done for a couple of weeks, and now, it’s done. So… iz basking And now, for the next project. see more dog and puppy pictures

Hysterical video about BDSM Dominants

Okay, now, there’s nothing graphically explicit in this video, but it IS hysterically funny, and it does contain one bad word. Keep watching past the end to the “outtake.” LOL! Do not drink anything while watching this video! LOL

"…but I’d need to get another extension cord to do it."

And just like that, my husband unwittingly gave me the title for this blog post. Now, I’ve blogged about my husband’s holiday decorations before. This year we’ve added more wire animals, another couple of blow-ups (including my favorite, the huge chubby penguin), and have swapped out more of the lights for LEDs. One thing that … Read More

Random Humor: Muppets Singing "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Because it’s my blog, that’s why. And I love the Muppets and I love Queen. And this is one of my favorite songs!

Gidget’s world domination continues.

Gidget was a pirate for Howl-oween. Obviously, her plan for world domination includes cuteness to take everyone by surprise.

Call off the search dogs, I’m back.

Sorry for the delay, I’m stuck in home improvement hell. *LOL* First of all, the winner of my contest was lisaguertin, so please drop me an email with your email and I’ll…um…email you your copy of Cross Country Chaos. *LOL* Home improvement hell. Well, I’m stuck slap dab in the middle of it right now. … Read More

Evil personified.

You wouldn’t think a little thirteen-pound dog could be evil, would you? This is Gidget. She was a rescue dog. We got her in August of 2007, and she was about 1-2 years old. As best we can tell, she’s part chihuahua, part terrier of some sort, part cat, part mountain goat, part kangaroo, part … Read More

Writing How-To: English is hard!

First of all, I didn’t write this, I got it through the Writing email list on the Internet Writing Workshop. I don’t know who originally wrote it, but kudos to you, sir or madame. I’m classifying it as a “writing how-to” post because frankly? It sort of is. *LOL*— You think English is easy??? Read … Read More

A writer’s morning.

Roll over and slap snooze button when first alarm goes off for hubby. Mumble thanks when hubby brings coffee into bedroom. Slap snooze button. Slap snooze button. Swear when second alarm goes off and slap snooze button. Drag self out of bed. Gulp coffee. Stumble out to living room to sit in front of computer … Read More

Big Bhudda Binge and Woodchipper Woot!

Yeah, like THAT title made sense. Following up my post of last week where I lamented that I only had two of the smiling Bhuddas out of what turned out to be a set of six, I returned to the store with BFF the next day and nearly freaked out when I found out they … Read More


I was mightily surprised to find out today, on this 40th anniversary of the moon landing, that there are some braniacs out there who honestly believe the moon landing was a hoax. Really? I guess these people turn themselves inside out trying to disprove we ever made it. I’m not sure why they do, but … Read More

Tweet, Twit, Twa…never mind…

I admit it. I’m a Twitter idiot. I mean, I’m pretty good at deciphering php and css code, can build and tweak templates for my website, finally figured out how to use Facebook (then the *&^%$s switched it around and I’m RElearning it), etc, etc, etc. Twitter, not so much. I’ve got an account, but … Read More