How to make PowerPoint work with Chromecast and Mac-flavored equipment.

Question: How do you make PowerPoint work with a Chromecast when you’re using a Mac computer/iPad? Answer: You don’t. Better answer: You can, but not the way you think. Problem: I usually used my Apple TV puck to mirror the screen on my iPad to display a PowerPoint class/event schedule on repeat loop. (I also … Read More

Monday madness, new release, chatting, and other assorted insanity.

You know, a smart, organized person would have written this post up in advanced and had it scheduled to go live automatically. I am apparently not that person. For starters, I’m chatting over on Goodreads today and tomorrow, on the BDSM group there. It’s a discussion forum kind of format, so you can drop in … Read More

How long until your books get on Kindle/Nook/Kobo/etc.?

Remember, if you have a Kindle or Nook (or whatever) you don’t have to wait until my books come out at third-party stores to buy them. You can get them directly from Siren-BookStrand on release day! Kindle – Set up your Siren-BookStrand account with your Kindle email address, and make sure your Kindle is account … Read More

Kobo comparison part one.

Well, because I’m a geek addicted to gadgets, I picked up a Kobo e-reader from Sprawlmart today. (They also sell nook and I believe Sony and another reader I’d never heard of and can’t remember.) So far, I’m not impressed. I paid $129. For $20 more, you can get a basic nook. Pros: lightweight, not … Read More

iPad notes and comparisons (part 4)

Are you sick of me and my iPad yet? LOL Well, I have the plug-in keyboard dock for my iPad, but one serious limitation of that is you’re stuck in portrait mode, limiting your screen space. I don’t like that. So I ended up buying a Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 yesterday that works great. … Read More

iPad notes and comparisons (part 3)

Okay, I’ve been tooling around the iPad App store and found some gems I’m going to be trying out and reporting back on. Keep in mind I’m reviewing this gadget from the perspective of a professional writer first, reader second, and nerdgasming geek third. Also keep in mind I’m a speed touch typist, meaning the … Read More

iPad notes and comparisons (part 2)

Okay I did some research and found this app for the iPad called BlogPress and I’m obviously experimenting with it now. It was $3 I think. You can also use it for Facebook and Twitter posts and a couple of other things. So there is a workaround for basic blog updating, but IMO, it’s not … Read More

iPad notes and comparisons (part 1)

I’ve been playing with my new toy, our 32g iPad. We have the one that’s Wi-Fi only, because at home we have a wireless router. Some notes – if you’re like me and want to sync your Google contacts and calendar to it, don’t set it up with the Gmail option, go to Google’s site … Read More

New toy!!

Happy anniversary to us, we are now the proud owners of a 32g iPad. I’m working on a comparison to it versus my small Toshiba laptop, Kindle, nook, and Sony reader.