Now on Kindle et al: Love Slave for Two 5, Special Collection 2

For those of you who’ve been waiting for Love Slave for Two: Resilience to hit Kindle and other third-party sites…it’s here! Also, my Special Collection 2 box set (Contractual Obligation, Hernando Heat, Stoneface) is available on third-party sites. Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5, MMF, MM, MF, BDSM-lite) Buy Links: Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) … Read More

Now Available – Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5)

Yeah, I’ve got to admit that while all release days make me nervous, this one is scaring the shit out of me. I never expected these characters to start talking to me again the way they have, but they did. It’s a lot of pressure, because Love Slave for Two was the first Tymber book … Read More

Available for Pre-Order – Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5)

I know, I heard the squees. LOL (And I REALLY appreciate them!!) Now available for pre-order: Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5) Note: It takes 4-6 weeks for books to be released to third-party sites by my publisher after their initial release on the Siren-BookStrand site. I have no control over that. If … Read More

Sneak Peek – Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5)

This is an unedited sneak peek at chapter one of my upcoming book, Love Slave for Two: Resilience. It’s book 5 in the Love Slave for Two series, technically the sixth book including the prequel. Book 6, Love Slave for Two: Retribution, releases on 12/11/17. It’s also unedited, so please forgive typos! It’s releasing 11/27/17 … Read More