Packing level: #Tetrismaster. (And fuck you, Alzheimer’s.)

I know I’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks. My mother-in-law finally lost her long battle with Alzheimer’s last week (capping off the shittiest of Februaries EVER). I hate that disease with a passion. It spent years slowly robbing a wonderful, loving, talented woman of her mind and her life. The past year has … Read More

Eating crow doesn’t taste so bad, and new beginnings. Welcome Kiwi.

It’s been just over a week since we lost our sweet Gidget. Hubby picked up her ashes and pawprint impression yesterday from the vet’s office. (A week to the day since we lost her. Some Valentine’s Day gift, huh?) Thank you to everyone who’s messaged and wrote Hubby and myself to express your condolences. They’re … Read More

Nineteen years and counting…

So nineteen years ago today, a really sweet and laid-back Buckeye guy married a really intense and stubborn native Floridian woman. Somehow, they made it work. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s working even better now than it did nineteen years ago. (And it was working pretty damn well back then, too.) Thing is, he made … Read More

Knife Safety 101, latest update on The Great Washhouse Rat War of 2015.

Knife Safety 101: Brand-new (literally) Buck knives are VERY, VERY sharp. And when you apparently roll a critical fumble (dice roll of 1 on a D20) in real life, the result is something like this: Non-consensual self-knife/medical/cutting/blood play. Apparently, I ignored my safeword when I called “red” and continued well past my own hard limits. That’ll … Read More

The Great Washhouse Rat War of 2015.

We live in the house my grandparents built back in 1950 or so. I was practically raised here I spent so much time here growing up. And we have a shed out back that’s always been called the “washhouse” because the washer and dryer are out there, along with stuff like garden implements, chemicals, etc. … Read More

Cancel the order for the ark…

Well. We had some friggin’ crazy weather here last week and on Monday. Rain literally the likes of which I’ve NEVER seen in my life here. And keep in mind, I was RAISED here. We had flooding in our yard and in the ditches over the road that I’ve never seen before. The Tampa Bay … Read More

A little positivity, please?

I’m desperately trying not to turn Grumpy Cat into my spirit animal. I really am. Tropical cyclones in the Pacific. Another brouhaha on social media pitting an A-list author against a smaller author who had a good point but then put their foot into it in the process of trying to make same-said point. The … Read More

The birthday Hubster (yesterday).

Hubby and I went out to Smokey Bones for his birthday lunch yesterday. He got a free Leaning Tower of Chocolate cake (should be called the Leaning Tower of Cardiac Arrest and Ass Fat cake…).         The cake was not a lie…but the cake, alas, won the battle. And yes, that was … Read More

So Hubby needed new glasses…

…and the TL;DR version is he ended up in an ambulance to the ER and spent the night in the hospital. The long version is…longer. … Read More