Pre-order Alert: Happy Spank-O-Ween (Suncoast Society)

Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss an update! Now available for pre-order: Happy Spank-O-Ween (Suncoast Society, various, BDSM) writing as Tymber Dalton. It’s time for another spooktacular Suncoast Society Halloween party! Seth and Leah are once again happy to host the festive holiday celebration, even knowing there’s a good chance they might have … Read More

10/10/18: Catch-up Post – New releases, pre-orders, #PeepPimpage, & more.

Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss an update! Whew. I’m not exactly dug out of #deadlinehell but I’m no longer treading water (for now) and feel like I’m standing on the bottom again. Again, for now. I have to start getting the mountain of stuff on my dining room table ready to take to … Read More

iTunes jumps on the assetless pre-order train.

On the heels of Smashwords changing how they do pre-orders (for the better, IMO) iBooks sent out e-mails yesterday to people with publisher accounts. This is the one I received. Hi Lesli, We’ve added a few features and updates to iBooks recently: Set Up Pre-Orders Without Assets Updates to Link Maker Multi-Touch Book Samples Required Set … Read More