#WhatAmIReading & #FreebieAlert – 11/25/2017 Post-Black Friday edition.

(I include affiliate codes because it makes me a few extra pennies without costing you a dime.) Are you going to be at Shameless Book Con 2018 in Orlando? (October 19-21, 2018) I will! I’m a confirmed signing author. Hope to see you there! Now to the books! For starters, have you SEEN the fricking … Read More

Monday #PeepPimpage – Holiday edition

I’ve got a book coming out Friday! A Kinkmas Carol (Suncoast Society 41, BDSM). Yes, it’s a Kaden book. (Sequel/prequel to The Reluctant Dom.) No, I’m not providing you with tissues, sorry. (Not in my budget, and I recommend a towel, just sayin’. Reusable and ecologically friendly.) http://www.bookstrand.com/book/a-kinkmas-carol Let’s add in the fact that BookStrand … Read More

#FreebieAlert 11/08/2016 – Election Day, Blanket Fort, #Hamilton Edition

*Psst!* Hey, you! Yeah, you. Come here. *Raises flap of weird huge pile of blanket-covered…stuff…to show you everyone happily coloring and reading and bopping their heads to #Hamilton inside.* Want to join us inside? We already did OUR part and voted. That’s the only requirement, that if you’re coming in, you already voted. (If you’re … Read More

#PeepPimpage – Author Ravenna Tate’s Weathermen series.

It’s no secret that from time to time I love to give shout-outs to my peeps and pimp their books for them. (Especially when I love a series!) Bestie Ravenna Tate has a particularly yummy one that, if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you missing? Ravenna Tate’s Amazon Page In the year 2112, … Read More