#SneakPeek – Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4)

This is an unedited sneak peek from Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4), writing as Lesli Richardson. It’s coming in September and is available for pre-order now. Enjoy! Blurb: Honestly, Dewi preferred fighting the Segura drug cartel to having a frou-frou wedding. But she’s survived both with her sanity intact. Barely. That’s due in no small … Read More

#sneakpeek – NSFW Adult Excerpt from A Crafty Ever After (Suncoast Society)

This NSFW adult excerpt is from A Crafty Ever After (Suncoast Society 76, MMF, BDSM) writing as Tymber Dalton: Blurb: Following Cali’s health scare, Sean and Max have played the double-Dom card and put their feet down. She will marry one of them so she’ll finally have good health insurance. They don’t care which one. Except when … Read More

#sneakpeek That feeling when…

…your editor says your Dom hero is as big a bastard (understandably so) as you’ve been warning your readers. LOL This is from edits for Come in From the Cold (Suncoast Society 77, MM, BDSM, writing as Tymber Dalton). The “filthy Dom vs former priest” story I’ve been teasing in my Tymber’s Trybe readers group. … Read More

NSFW Sneak Peek: Empty-Handed Heart (Suncoast Society, MMF)

Here’s a sexy sneak peek from Empty-Handed Heart (Suncoast Society 66, MMF, BDSM). And it’s available for pre-order now! http://www.bookstrand.com/book/empty-handed-heart Blurb: Aden aged out of Florida’s foster care system. He built a life, bought a house…and fell in love with Niall, a blue-eyed Irish Dom who owned his heart. When Niall got a job in … Read More

Sneak Peek: Almost Gothic (Rusty and Eliza’s story) #SnippetSaturday

The following is an unedited (so please forgive typos) sneak peek from the first chapter of Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society 65) which is Rusty and Eliza’s story. Enjoy! 🙂 EXCERPT: Rusty fell in love with Eliza when he was sixteen years old, on the day they met. That also happened to be the first day … Read More