Now on Kindle: Time Out of Mind, and New in Print

Time Out of Mind (Suncoast Society 43, MM, BDSM) by Tymber Dalton is now available on Kindle and most third-party outlets! Note: If you’ve left a review for it on BookStrand or Goodreads, I would greatly appreciate it if you would also copy that to Amazon. Amazon now gives greater weight to reviews when figuring … Read More

Spooky Read: Spank or Treat

Looking for a Halloween read? Have you checked out my book, Spank or Treat (Suncoast Society 16)? Excerpt: Tony stood next to Seth and Ross in the kitchen, all three of them with their heads cocked, watching things unfold in front of them. “You know,” Tony observed, “never in my wildest dreams could I have … Read More

Something weird in the air?

A quick informal poll of my Facebook peeps has them agreeing that it’s not just me. There’s just a weird energy today I can’t put my finger on. Not bad, just…weird. I’m hoping my latest flare (which has been torturing me for a couple of months now) is finally starting to ease. If only the … Read More