Winnah-Winnah-Chicken-Dinnah! Contest Winners!

**UPDATE: I had to pick seven NEW winners due to unclaimed ones. I have the list HERE. Make sure to check to see if you didn’t win the first time if you won the second time around! ***

Okay, peeps, here’s the list of winners for my spring cleaning swag contest. Remember, you have 48 hours to respond to me to win, otherwise, I pick an alternate. And I actually put together a few more envelopes, so the number of winners is 25 total, not 20. 🙂

Email me at:

tymberdalton AT gmail DOT com (remove the spaces) asap and send me your full name and snail-mail address so I can get this swag winging its way toward you. 🙂

Congrats to the winners! 🙂

Swag Bag Winners:

Barbara Tedesco
Jilly Bean Schuler
Chris NoOne
Shanean Reed

Swag Envelope Winners:

(Seven new winners were picked due to unclaimed ones and are listed HERE.)

Cindy K
J Steel
Tina D
Donna WEDM00RE
Katy Beth McKee

Stay tuned for another contest sooooon! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Winnah-Winnah-Chicken-Dinnah! Contest Winners!

  1. Just Checked through to see if there were other Vanessa’s….
    Thankyou so much, Tymber… off to email as well.

  2. Yea!! Thank you, or at least I am presuming that I am the only Simone & therefore the one listed above, in the lucky last spot.

    My address is winging its way to you now. Thanks heaps & very much appreciated. Congrats to everyone.

    Cheers, Simone

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