Yay, Hubby’s home, so random giveaway time!

Giveaway is now CLOSED. Winners have been posted HERE.

Yes, it’s the screaming cat picture, so you know what THAT means…

Hubby returned home today from nearly two weeks visiting family and going to his high school reunion up in Buckeyeland. (I’m SOOO glad to have him home!) Gidget and I have spent his time away trying to keep the house together and not let the cats run roughshod over me, her, Apache, and the birds. (And we were still outnumbered. LOL)

To celebrate, I’m running a random giveaway. Open everywhere (unless prohibited where you live), you must be 18 or older (or of legal age where you live), yadda-yadda.

All you have to do is leave me a comment. That’s it. Easy-peasey. One entry per person (so multiple comments do you no good LOL). You’re playing for swag envelopes with some autographed goodies inside. I’ll pick 10 random winners from all the commenters using random.org.

If Blogger wants to make you “anonymous” make sure to leave your name and/or email address in the comment so when I pick the winners I know who you are. LOL

I’ll pick the winners on Friday and post them here. You’ll have until next Monday to get back to me.

Good luck!

77 thoughts on “Yay, Hubby’s home, so random giveaway time!

  1. Looks like I’m the first……

    Piece of advice. Disconnect the phones, unplug the internet, put the cats in a separate part of the house, and hopefully have some quality one on one time.

    Hope to not hear from you for a while.

  2. Welcome home hubby!

    I have heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder….you know what that means right?! *wink*

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I want to know where you get the hello kitty from 🙂 me and the other half have been together nearly seven years and have only spent a week apart. I can’t imagine being a way from him for longer, the bed would feel awfully empty without him.

  4. Hi Tymber, isn’t it a great thing when one gets excited that hubby is home!?
    My hubby has to work away from home for 6 days at a time… the bed is so much colder when he’s gone, it’s good to snuggle when he gets home… but maybe that is not a problem in Florida at this time of the year.:-) We are still having some cool spring mornings.

  5. Always sad to see them leave, but oh so nice when they come back home. I am glad you survived! Now back to your schedule and less on the pre-coffee slap downs 🙂

  6. Every summer I always take the kids to go visit my family and my hubby stays home because he has to work. When we get home it’s like we fall in love with each other all over again. Granted it might only be a week or so since we’ve seen each other but it proves the point the distance make the heart grow fonder. I’m glad your hubby made it home and just in time too. I live in OH and I swear it was in the upper 90s today. It was nuts!!!

  7. I hope that all your itches will now be scratched, with HUBBY home. I like what GreenDragon said. Light some candles and play some soft jazz and dance the night away!

    Steve Ashley
    AKA DrBourbon101@gmail.com

  8. Glad for you and Gidget that he is home. I’m so in love with that little dog, she is adorable. At least he is home from Ohio. I miss it sometimes but not enough to move back there and deal with the snow.

    ladyroseraven (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. So glad that your hubby is back home. I know that I miss my hubby when he’s gone, working out of town/state. So my question to you is, “Why are you still playing on the computer?” Go get your groove on with your man!!! LOL 😉 <3

  10. Happy for you – time to celebrate! Thanks for your books Tymber, they rock! Yet to read one that I didn’t like.

  11. Ah, let’s see…hubby is back home…that means coffee made before she even opens her eyes, delicious cooking aromas will once again permeate house, and animals will be kept in-line [sort of] when she closets herself in the writing cave. Yup, all’s right in Tymber’s world again. 🙂

  12. Should be a fun night tonight!!! Welcome home hubby..I think she missed you

    Chrissy9 at ptd dot net

  13. WooHoo!!! Gonna be a hawt time in the old town tonite…*grin* Luv the screamin kitties…

    Please count me in! and when ya come up for air or food….we’ll be here waitin…bwahahahahaha

    your fan,

  14. Yippee! Now you can have a good time. Kick the critters out for awhile no matter how many voyeuristic tendencies they have. Have fun with hubby/sir. 🙂

  15. I hope you have fun now that hubby is home. Now just tie him to the bed and don’t let him leave again.

  16. Have a great welcome home /glad to re-know you party! I can’t imagine being away from my husband for very long. They longest time was for 5 days. I felt like something was missing. The worst part…. I had to take care of the animals (farm animals) and my cats, dogs and the bird. I’m so used to him doing that I forgot how much work it is. 😉 They didn’t like the way I did it and complained loudly. I’m so glad you made it through without any problems.



  17. Welcome HOME!!! I’m currently reading ‘Pinch Me’… always great to revisit the Suncoast Society.
    Absolutely loved Bleacke’s Geek.
    PS- Since Heathcliff’s nickname is Ken, my dirty mind totally went to Matt Bomer in ‘Magic Mike’. Oooh la-la that deleted dance scene.

    Comicgal at outlook.com

  18. I just read hell’s bells and I’m dying to know if these characters are going to speak to you again? You left me hanging! 🙂 Plus, I would REALLY like a prize! 😀 Thanks,

  19. So how many pets do you have? – I have 6 cats, 2 dogs, 3 cockatiels, and 2 goats
    glad hubby is home – now go have some fun

  20. Happy Hubby Time!!!! Have some fun!!


  21. “It’s time for him to be home….I don’t know how to describe it … “It’s just time for hubby to be home…….”

    Oh, yeah know the feelings of having hubby come home from being gone awhile very well….love having my dream vacation of having a week alone in my own home, but about 3 days before it’s time for him to come home I’m missing him….then the day before he comes home I have to let him know “It’s time for him to come home” it is so good to hear he is ready to come home, too……

  22. Welcome home Warren! Yay, you made it! You have been missed by all in the family there.. especially Gidget.. Have fun Tymber!!!

  23. Hope your welcome home goes better than me and Hubby’s (he went away over the labor day weekend). Our little dog that sleeps on our bed curled up between us and wouldn’t move. Lol
    j-coverholser at sbcglobal dot net

  24. Hi. I’m happy for you that he’s back. It’s always awesome to see a spouse back from a trip. Mine just came back from NY.

  25. Having a hubby (or two!) to come home to me would be just wonderful, please and thank you very much. But since I don’t, I’ll just be reading more of your books! Have Happy Times!

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