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[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Nevvie and Thomas think Tyler is nuts for coming home with an RV and an even crazier plan to travel from Florida to Seattle. What could be better than a family vacation with two kids and Tyler’s father?

Perhaps finally putting the ghosts of Nevvie’s past to bed for good as she seeks answers to who she is.

She begins to seriously doubt the wisdom of their journey as mishaps seemingly pile up by the mile. And when a tropical storm and medical emergency add to the mix, she considers pulling the plug. By the time they reach Seattle, she endures almost more than her sanity can take, including a ride in a patrol car, a stowaway, and nonconsensual use of handcuffs.

And that’s before she’s given her mother a piece of her mind.

Through it all she’ll discover that sometimes the longest journeys, no matter how trying, are the ones that bring you closest to family—and home.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The correct order to read all the books in the series are:

“Love Slave for Two: Beginnings” (Prequel)
“Love Slave for Two” (Book 1)
“Love Slave for Two: Family Matters” (Book 2)
“Love Slave for Two: Reunions” (Book 3)
“Love Slave for Two: Reckoning” (Book 4)


Nevvie stood on the sidewalk, sure she probably looked like a moron from the stunned expression on her face.

“What the hell?” She reached for her pocket, just to remember…

“Crap.” She closed her eyes and groaned.

“What?” Andrew asked.

“I left my cell phone in the RV.”

Andrew shook his head. “Mine’s in there, too.”

Nevvie remembered Tyler’s insistence that he would drive today. “Tyler was in the bathroom. He must not have realized we left.” She looked around and spotted a pay phone a block away. She stalked over to it. “I’m gonna kill him,” she grumbled.

Andrew followed her. “I wouldn’t blame you, dear.”

The pay phone worked, but when she sent a collect call to Tyler’s phone, his voice mail picked up. She tried Tom’s and received the same response.

She slammed the receiver back onto the hook. “Crap!” She took a deep breath to try to calm her anger. “Any suggestions?”

“I suppose we need to contact the authorities.”

“Terrific. I wonder how long this will take to make it to the Internet tabloids.”

They returned to the store. After the clerk stopped laughing, she called the local police. The dispatcher, apparently laughing also, told the clerk they’d send an officer as soon as possible.

Andrew placed a hand on Nevvie’s shoulder. “Steady, love. Don’t be cross with them.”

“I’m not. I’m pissed off at Tyler.”

They went outside to wait in the shade of the store’s front porch, where they sat on a bench. Nevvie stared at the street.

“How could he have not realized we weren’t there?” Andrew pondered.

“Well, Adam did turn the DVD player on. He probably thought we were in back with Tommy and the kids.”

They sat and people watched for a few minutes when Andrew broke the easy silence. “Nev, may I confide in you?”

This sounded big. “Sure you can.”

His face turned a little pink. “Do you think Peggy would be offended if I asked her out to dinner when we stop by on our way home?”

A broad smile creased Nevvie’s face. “No, I don’t think she’d be offended in the least. In fact, I think she would love for you to ask her out.”

Andrew’s gaze dropped to the ground. “It’s been a long while since I’ve met someone I really wanted to get to know better like her.” He gasped, then looked at her again. “Do you think it would upset Tom? I don’t want to do anything to hurt his feelings.”

Nevvie couldn’t hold back the laughter. “No, Dad, I’m sure Tommy would be fine with it.” She hugged him. “We’d all be fine with it.”

* * * *

Tyler lost track of time as he drove. The nice thing about being a writer was he could work while he drove, using the time to plot out his next book in his head. Which was a lot more work than he’d done in reality.

The idea he’d gotten in Kansas City hadn’t solved all his problems with the plot. Now if he could just work out the rest of the kinks, maybe he could get the book turned in on time.

When he glanced at the clock on the dash, he realized it’d been thirty minutes since they’d hit the interstate and he had yet to see Nevvie. Usually, she would wait until the kids were engrossed in a movie and then join Tom up front while he drove.

He fought the urge to pout over that. She must be tired. Perhaps she’s napping. She did mention she wanted one. He turned down the radio. “Nevvie,” he called out, “I really am feeling a bit peckish. Could I trouble you for a sandwich and a bottle of water?”

He felt his irritation grow when he called for her again, and then a third time and still no response. He was about to really raise the roof when he heard the door to the bedroom open. Thomas stumbled out, holding on to the galley counter as he made his way up front where he finally dropped into the passenger seat. He looked like he’d just woken up. His hair was disheveled.

“Ty, what in hell are you hollering about out here?”

“Well, I’ve called out for Nevvie to see if I could get a sandwich and she’s ignoring me. Is she really that cross over me driving?” Tyler glanced at Thomas and didn’t understand the odd look on his face. “Thomas, what’s wrong?”

He did look a bit more awake now. “Ty, I’m gonna ask you what might seem to be a really stupid question, but I want an answer anyway, okay?”

“Of course, love. What is it?”

Thomas arched an eyebrow. “Where the hell are Nevvie and Dad?”



“So, what would it take to un-irritate you, hmm?” Tyler asked.

Tom burst out laughing. “Um, yeah. That. Exactly.”

Nevvie climbed off the bed and let Tyler scoot next to Tom. Tyler grabbed him and pulled him into his lap while laying a long, deep, sexy kiss on his lips. “You mean, that?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah!” he breathlessly whispered before pulling Tyler’s mouth back down to his.

Nevvie undressed while Tyler revved Tom’s motor. She climbed onto the bed on Tom’s other side and started working on his slacks. He tried kicking his shoes off while she did that, and neither of them made any progress in getting his clothes off.

Finally, in frustration, he broke his kiss with Tyler and sat up. “Okay, let me get nekkid. Y’all got me so horny I can’t think straight.”

While he stood and began yanking off his clothes, Tyler also stood. He took a slower, more seductive pace as his gaze bored into Tom’s while he unbuttoned his shirt. “I’m going to get you even more horny before I let you come, love.”

Tyler’s deep, throaty tone, combined with his sexy British accent, did what it always did to Nevvie even though his words were directed at Tom. Her clit throbbed as moisture immediately began pooling in her pussy.

“Who’s going to make me come?” she asked in a plaintive tone.

“Oh, don’t worry, love,” Tyler assured her. “You’ll be begging us to stop by the time we’re finished with you.”

Tom threw himself back down onto the bed, landing next to her and bouncing her a little. “Oh, yeah, sugar,” he said. “Gonna have you screaming your head off.” He grabbed her and pulled her down to him, kissing her. His tongue stroked the seam of her lips and she softly moaned.

“Well, perhaps not screaming,” Tyler said with a chuckle. He reached out and stroked her ass before starting to remove his slacks. “We don’t want her waking up the boys.”

Tom broke their kiss just long enough to reply. “I’m sure I’ve got something I can gag her with,” he said with a wicked grin before kissing her again.

Nevvie whimpered with need, her clit now swollen and aching just from their little bit of banter. Her two men knew her body so well, and it never got old with both of them keeping her plenty busy.

Tom’s fingers gently fisted in her hair as he pulled her mouth off his. His breath brushed against her lips as he spoke. “You want my cock to suck on while Tyler’s licking your pussy, baby girl?”

“Mm-hmm!” She tried to kiss him again, but he firmly held on to her hair and wouldn’t let her get close enough to lock lips again.

A sexy smile curled his mouth. “Aw, is our poor baby girl all wet and horny?”

Somewhere behind her, she felt Tyler’s fingers unerringly slip between her legs and part her labia.

“Oh, yes,” Tyler confirmed. “One very wet little slave girl.”

Her insides twisted in a hot and pleasant way. So they want the little slave girl game tonight? Fine with her. She loved playing it. She wiggled her butt at him, trying to encourage him to play with her a little longer. Instead, he laid a light slap across her right ass cheek, not even enough to sting.

“Who told you to do that?” Tyler asked. “Hold still.”

Tom pulled her lips back down onto his, his tongue roughly thrusting into her mouth as Tyler began teasing her with his fingers. Not quite stroking her clit, he gathered some of her juices onto his fingers and started tracing every fold between her legs. Tom slipped a hand under her and found her left breast. He cupped her in his hand, her nipple trapped between his thumb and forefinger.

She whimpered again as Tom’s skilled fingers slowly rolled her nipple, turning it into a stiff, aching point of need with a direct connection to her clit and pussy.

“Oh, she likes that,” Tyler said. He laid his other hand on her left ass cheek and squeezed. She tried to wiggle and squirm between them to get more contact directly on her clit, but Tyler wouldn’t let her. “No, love,” he chastised. “You be a good girl and let your masters take care of you.”

Nevvie whined in protest, but Tom’s tongue in her mouth and fingers on her nipple soon had her distracted again. As did Tyler, who had now inserted two fingers into her wet pussy, where he proceeded to finger-fuck her.

“Ah, love, you’re so perfectly ready. I simply cannot wait any longer to be inside you.” He grabbed her hips and made her stand next to the bed, bent over. Tom changed position, his legs hanging off the bed. Tyler pushed her head down to Tom’s cock. “Get busy, love. I doubt you’ll come this time, but I need to fuck that sweet pussy.”

As her lips closed around Tom’s cock, his hands once again twisted in her hair as his hips thrust up to meet her downward journey. He quickly grew rigid between her lips, his warm, musky scent filling her lungs.

Behind her, Tyler grabbed her hips, lined his cock up with her pussy, and plunged home hard, shoving her down even further on Tom’s cock.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. She loved being pinned between her men, either like this or sandwiched between them with both their cocks filling her pussy and ass at the same time. Tyler varied his thrusts between short, shallow strokes and hard, deep ones that filled her completely and stretched her pussy in a pleasantly familiar way. She wrapped her fingers around the base of Tom’s cock as she tried to keep up with Tyler.

“That’s it, love,” he grunted. “Just relax and enjoy letting your owners use your body.”

Nevvie thought her insides would melt from the heat of his voice. She knew she wouldn’t get over like this, but the erotic friction of Tyler’s cock inside her churned her desire for them. When she tried to rock back against him in time with his strokes, he lightly slapped her ass again.

“Behave, love. I’m driving. Be a good girl. Let me set the pace.”

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Adult Excerpt: "Love Slave for Two: Reunions" (Book 3)
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