When girl meets geek, the fur’s gonna fly…

The Bleacke Shifters series (writing as Lesli Richardson) is set in Florida and based around Dewi Bleacke. She is a female Prime Alpha wolf shifter, and Head Enforcer for the Targhee Pack out of Idaho, sent to Florida when she was young for her own safety. Now she’s an adult and has found a mate…who isn’t exactly her ideal specimen of a mate, but who can hold his own with Dewi.

What happens when a Prime Alpha wolf shifter ends up mating with a vegetarian geek?

Well, the fur’s gonna fly.

The books in the series focus not just on Dewi, but other members of her pack as well.

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

Series Facebook Page: Bleacke Shifters series

Bleacke Shifters Series Reading Order

1) Bleacke’s Geek
2) Geek Chic
3) A Bleacke Wind
4) Bleacke Spirit
5) A Bleacke Christmas
6) Geek-Speak
7) Bleacke Expectations

There will be more books in this series.

(Click on a book cover to see more information and buy links.)

Bleacke's Geek (Bleacke Shifters 1)
Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2)
A Bleacke Wind (Bleacke Shifters 3)
Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4)
A Bleacke Christmas (Bleacke Shifters 5)
Geek-Speak (Bleacke Shifters 6)
Bleacke Expectations (Bleacke Shifters 7)

Bleacke Shifters Box Set 1: Contains books 1-3 in one box set. The content is the same as if you purchased the books individually, only they’re available at a discounted price as a set.


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