Our first “cold” front of the fall season has swept through. Awoke this morning to 55 degrees, which might not sound cold to many of you, but in a 60+ year-old house with no central heat/AC and insufficient insulation, believe me, it’s COLD. LOL (And my arthritis and fibro are letting me know their displeasure…)

Also, speaking of cold… LOL *Warning – lame author segue!*


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Atlanta will get a whole lot hotter when you add…the Drunk Monkeys.

Donna’s eating her lunch and minding her own business when a case of mistaken identity puts her squarely in the sights of Rev. Silo’s hired guns. Now she’s on the run and in hiding with the Drunk Monkeys.

Victor and Uni aren’t sure about the clueless bank teller at first…until she proves to them how invaluably smart she really is. They can’t release her until they find the real hacker posting incriminating evidence about Rev. Silo’s shenanigans. And even then, they might not want to.

But an ice storm bearing down on Atlanta grinds everything to a halt. Terrifying events force Donna to re-evaluate her life and her priorities, and drive her into a tragic situation from which there’s no turning back. Unfortunately, nothing good comes without great cost. With the stakes turning deadly, will she lose one of her men before she even gets to know him?

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The Denim Dom (Suncoast Society 5) is now available in audiobook format!

Freebie Alert: 11/20/2015

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