Yes, I know, new blog header. I love dragons. Love love luuurrrrvvv them. I went to a local shop the other day with BFF because I’d won a drawing for a “body bag” (turns out no, it wasn’t a body bag, it was a bag full of bath and body supplies) and ended up with not one, but TWO new pieces of dragon bling. One’s an amulet, one’s a dragon figurine holding a crystal. I have a dragon statue I’ve had for over twenty years gracing my shelf, my good luck buddy. When I got home last night, I went in search of something and found not one, not two, but THREE dragon amulets I’d totally forgotten I had. WOOT! They’re now on my windowsill next to my table.

I also picked up a cute Ganesh statue (see picture) and two smiling Buddhas. Well, I get home, realize they’re part of a set of SIX Buddhas. Fricking hell! *LOL* (I’m sure that’s probably not the reaction I should have, but oh well.) So today I’m heading back to the shop to get the other four.

Yes, I’m a twinge OCD. *LOL* It bugs me to no end I don’t have the other four Buddhas now. Grr! Those stones on the windowsill aren’t even all that I have, I should put the others out. This is the window I look out every day while I work, faces south, points at the canal in my backyard and the huge oak tree where squirrels and birds play, and is a fantastically creative view for me.

I love dragons, that’s why my “alter ego” Tymber Dalton wrote “Boiling Point,” that came out in the Tasty Treats Vol. 3 anthology. Dragon shifters…yum! I’m working on another story involving the Alexandr dragon shifter boys now, that will appear in another Siren-BookStrand anthology.

Here there be dragons…
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