Sparkles the Unicorn holding books.

Sparkles the Unicorn holding books.

Smashwords, an ebook retailer, runs a MASSIVE site-wide sale every year called Read an Ebook Week. This year, it runs from March 7-13, and there are over fifty THOUSAND ebooks enrolled in their program, meaning more chances for you to SAVE (including a couple of freebies you can’t normally find). I have my Lesli Richardson books listed there as well, so if there were any you were waiting to get because of your budget, go take a look and see! I also have Hubby’s books there, too.

My Lesli Richardson books on Smashwords.

Hubby’s books as Jon Dalton.

Hubby’s books as Haley Jordan.


It’s Read an Ebook Week (March 7-13) meaning deep discounts!
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