My newest obsession is the SyFy show, Killjoys. And not just because one of the male leads, Aaron Ashmore, looks like Chris Pratt (a la Guardians of the Galaxy). If Firefly met Cowboy Bebop and had a love child, it’s this.


Hannah John-Kamen, who plays the lead, Dutch, is Kick. Ass. She’s got a mysterious past we don’t know all about yet, although flashbacks have shown us some of it. There’s funny banter, bounty hunters, great plots and sub-plots, and *le sigh*. If I had to bet on a battle between Buffy and Dutch…that would be a very hard call.

It means it’ll probably get canceled, since I adore it.

Yes, I love sci-fi. (Hence why I love writing it.) If you enjoy sci-fi, then take a look at Killjoys.

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Killjoys! *sigh*
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