Ya know, it boggles my mind that in today’s age, there are still people like Harold Camping who make their living by trying to scare the living crap out of people. It’s even more mind-boggling that there are people stupid gullible enough to not only believe him, but who uproot their families, sell all their stuff, and stand there waiting to be hauled up to some heavenly reward.

I have nothing against people’s religious beliefs. What I have a problem with is the religious “establishment” that tries to keep power over people and sucks them dry financially. Especially when some of those “churches” are nothing more than thinly disguised political groups that shouldn’t, IMO, receive tax exempt status.

It’s very sad that there were people who actually sold their stuff and toured the country in RV caravans back in May “spreading the word” about the May non-Rapture.

Do people not research anymore? Do these people honestly fail to look into the history of the Bible and how it came to be? Ya know, the “rapture theory” is not actually in the Bible the way it’s portrayed by a lot of evangelicals. Today’s moden “Rapture” theory was actually concocted around the 17th century, and popularized back in the 1800’s.


Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Google “rapture theory” and you’ll get a lot of information about it. I strongly suggest if you’re gullible enough to follow some old fart who has an engineering degree and keeps making wrong predictions about the end of the world, that perhaps you should educate yourself as to what he’s preaching. And what he’s preaching WRONGLY.

Again, I do NOT have a problem with religion.

I do, however, have a BIG problem with predators, regardless of their faith (or lack thereof) who prey on people looking for solace.I have a HUGE problem with establishments who use fear to keep a stranglehold on their followers. You know what groups like that are usually called?


I support belief systems that give people comfort as long as it’s not hurting them or anyone else. Unfortunately, there are too many “religious leaders” out there (and not just Christian, they’re in EVERY denomination, including non-traditional ones) who are looking to protect their own interests and not promoting the common good. That’s why I say while I support religious freedom, I do not and will not support religious “establishments.”

And if you were expecting to get Raptured today and wake up tomorrow morning all disappointed, I’ll do my best not to say see, I told you so.

Oh, darn. I wasn’t Raptured…again.
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2 thoughts on “Oh, darn. I wasn’t Raptured…again.

  • October 21, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    Couldn’t agree more!
    I’ll defend anyone’s right to believe but please don’t preach at me or prey on gullible or troubled people as so many of these quasi-religions do.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I wasn’t raptured either…damn!

  • October 22, 2011 at 1:49 am

    Exactly! And personally, I think those of us in the non-raptured population are probably more fun. LOL

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