While the images are made from stock photos (legally purchased from Depositphotos) I’ll only sell one of each premade cover.

The price includes what you see, and personalizing the content of the text. (No charge to add series name & number.) If you need further customization, feel free to email me at tymberdalton AT gmail DOT com for a quote. You’ll get a full-res large cover size suitable for uploading to e-book retailer sites, and 3 smaller sizes for common uses, in .jpg, as well as a large .png. If you’ll also need a print cover, please e-mail me for a quote.

When you purchase a cover, include in the PayPal invoice note the TITLE, (Series name & # if applicable), and Pen Name. Also, if you are paying from a different email address than your normal email address, please include that. I will email you a Dropbox link to download your files once they’re ready, so make SURE you give me a valid email address!

Turnaround time on weekdays is usually less than 24 hours, and 48-72 hours on weekends/holidays.

No, I can’t give you the stock art I use, because of copyrights. I can, however, give you the Depositphotos link to the image on their site so you can buy it directly from them, if you want it. Or, if you need some social media teaser images, I can make those for you from the artwork. (Email me for a quote.)

Available Covers

Click on a preview image to open a larger version. (Obviously, the finished cover won’t have a watermark. LOL)

Blue Dress Fantasy: $25

Tattooed Guy 1: $25

Tattooed Guy 2: $25

Red Heart Romance 1: $25

Red Heart Romance 2: $25

Cover Art Portfolio

These are just a few of the covers I’ve made.

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