A few random notes today…
I’ve got a new print release! “Safe Harbor” is now available in print.
And, yes, I’m working on Triple Trouble 4. *LOL* But first I’m going to finish the bridge book that merges “Steam” and “Trouble Comes in Threes.” That will fill the time gap. (You can still read all the existing books and not miss anything by going back to read that one once it’s finished and released.)
If I don’t write that book first, some of the things that happen in book four won’t make sense to anyone. Again, you can read all the other books first (“Boiling Point” in Tasty Treats Vol. 3, “Steam,” “Trouble Comes in Threes,” “Storm Warning,” “Three Dog Night”) and then go back once the bridge book is released. But it has to release before book 4 in the series releases.
And also, I have books 2-4 in the “Deep Space Mission Corps” series under construction. (Working titles: “Bightmares,” “Spider Bight,” “Out of Bight, Out of Mind”)
And yes, still working on books 3 and 4 in the Love Slave for Two series. (Technically books 4 and 5 if you count the prequel.) Here’s a hint: If you haven’t read “Love Slave for Two: Beginnings,” you need to, because some events that happen in book 3 won’t make sense if you haven’t. Well, they’ll be understandable, but trust me, it’ll be better if you know the background history. Let’s just say a ghost from Tyler’s past comes knocking, and I don’t mean his mother. *LOL*)
I can’t believe how many of you have asked if Clay will get an HEA with Tyler’s father, Andrew! *LOL* No, sorry, that’s not in the cards, but trust me when I say I think y’all will be happy with events in that book. And it will be much lighter in tone than book 2 – think the Robin Williams movie RV meets “Love Slave for Two.” (Honestly, can you picture technically-challenged Tyler trying to drive a huge Class A RV through Yellowstone? LOL)
Yes, I’m still working on my Good Will Ghost Hunting series, and on my Brimstone vampire series (both writing as Lesli Richardson). But I’m at the mercy of my characters, and for now they’ve decided to hang back for a little while and let me get the Lyall/Alexandr story told (dragons and wolves and bears, oh my! *LOL*).
And so far I’ve received two great reviews for “More Than Make-Believe,” so if you haven’t picked that up yet, it’s available at http://captivapress.com and through Kindle.
Safe Harbor in print and random notes.
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