06/07/2023 Update: New print reformats, audiobooks, and more.

Happy Wednesday!

Big news! My Lesli Richardson books that are available as audiobooks on Scribd are now available WIDE on other sites, like Audible, Apple, etc. So look for my author name there and you can find the Governor Trilogy series, Maxim Colonies, and more. (Working on getting the universal links updated for all of those titles.)

I’ve finished the reformats on Hot Sauce (Suncoast Society 26) and Any World That I’m Welcome To (Suncoast Society 53). I think I’m up to something like 53, 54 books reformatted into print so far. (Which is actually not accurate, because some of the books I combined into print omnibus editions of 2 or more books.)

They are all available in ebook format, just with the original covers because my publisher still holds those rights. You can drop by my New in Print page to see the latest.

Also had an unexpected auto repair hit (window regulator in our ’05 Honda Element) so if you’ve ever enjoyed one of my free books, I wouldn’t mind a little spare change dropped in my Ko-fi jar, if you can afford it. (Thanks!)

Speaking of freebies, here are a few ebook giveaways and special offers you might be interested in (check the price before you buy):

Hot Sauce (Suncoast Society 26)

Universal Ebook Link:



Signed Paperback: https://payhip.com/b/ZDPmd

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3MRpJrV

B&N: https://bit.ly/3NcZegX

(Contemporary romance, BDSM, power exchange, MMF, reverse harem, friends to lovers, close proximity, second chance love, HEA)

Spicy secrets revealed…

When Vanessa Riddick’s beloved older brother, Tony, aka Basco, dies suddenly, finding his journal leads to unexpected discoveries…like his secret life and friendships in the local BDSM community. Vanessa’s world revolved around work and her brother, so she gravitates to his friends, who welcome her with open arms and hearts.

Reed and Lyle were friends and play-partners with Basco and wondered why he’d suddenly dropped off the radar. As they process their grief and get to know Vanessa, they realize their interest in her is more than trying to keep their friend’s spirit alive.

They are falling for her.

Losing her brother has sent Vanessa into an emotional tailspin. One thing’s for certain—she can’t keep living the way she is. But are Reed and Lyle the answer to her finally having the life she’s longed for?

Any World That I’m Welcome To (Suncoast Society 53)

Universal Ebook Link:



Signed Paperback: https://payhip.com/b/XqRw0

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3NgL3Zj

B&N: https://bit.ly/3OWJXD9

(Contemporary romance, BDSM, power exchange, MMF, friends to lovers, bisexual awakening, gay-for-you, wounded heroine, wounded hero, angst, close proximity, HEA.)

A world imploded.

Neil is more than Tamsin’s gay best friend and roommate—he’s her Dom and adopted family. While she’d love to watch him together in bed with Dexter, her fiancé and Dom, she knows that’s nothing but a sexy dream that will never happen.

Neil’s never made a secret about his attraction to Dexter, although that’s only wishful thinking, since Dexter’s straight. Dexter isn’t jealous of Neil, either. Dexter is a paramedic and frequently spends days away from Tamsin. Plus, the older Dom is as much a mentor to Dexter as he is a friend. Together, they have their hands full keeping their baby brat in line.

When their collective world shatters, Neil steps in to pick up the pieces for Dexter and Tamsin. They might never get her “back,” but Neil’s sworn to take care of her, forcing the men to forge deeper, stronger bonds to take care of Tamsin…and each other.

As their love grows, one question remains unanswered: What happens to them when—or if—Tamsin wakes up?

Thanks, and happy reading!

06/07/2023 Update: New print reformats, audiobooks, and more.
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