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(Updated 12/09/20)

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Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions that cross my path.

How long does it take books to get to Kindle/Nook/Kobo/Google/iTunes/print?

With my Siren-published books, Siren keeps books exclusive to their BookStrand website for approximately 4-6 weeks. I have no control over that. My self-published books are distributed wide immediately, no delay, although pre-orders might have different lead times depending on vendor requirements.

You can, however, buy from BookStrand in various formats for e-readers and load them to your device. Also, if you have a Kindle, you can buy directly from BookStrand without waiting for it to hit Kindle and then it will be transferred directly to your device. When the books are released to third-party sites, usually Kindle shows up first, followed by the others. Nook and iTunes are notoriously slow, unfortunately. (And, sometimes, they will refuse to carry a book.) Once my publisher uploads them to the third-party sites (done at the same time) the timeframe is out of their hands. If you stop back and check out my spreadsheet of clickable buy links and look at the most current date, you can find out if your preferred third-party site is listed. Print usually takes an average of 4-6 months from the original release date. Audiobooks are somewhat longer than that.

Yes, authors do make a slightly higher royalty percentage if you buy straight from the publisher. HOWEVER, as long as my readers legally purchase my books from legitimate, authorized retailers, I honestly do not care where you buy them from, I’m simply extremely GRATEFUL that you legally purchased my book. If in doubt about whether or not a retailer is authorized, you can use my spreadsheet of buy links.

When will ____ be in audiobook/print?

If it’s a book through Siren, I have no control over that timeframe. My self-published books will eventually all be available through print. Some of my self-pubbed titles are on audio, but due to the expense of producing audiobooks, it might be a while before I get more produced. (They usually cost $1k or more just to get them into audio.)

Can I get an autograph/bookmark/signed book plate?

Yep! For autographed bookplates and bookmarks, send a long (NOT one of the little ones) self-addressed, stamped (NOT metered or the PO hassles me about it) envelope to:

Tymber Dalton
PO Box 341006
Tampa, FL 33694-1006.

If you don’t send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, I can’t send you anything back, though, sorry.

If you’re from outside the US, and sending a SASE is functionally prohibitive, then send me a picture postcard of where you live, either an aerial photo, or a landscape, or a locally famous landmark, etc. (I love collecting postcards!) Make SURE to include your full name/return address. Then I’ll foot the postage to send you signed bookplates and bookmarks. 🙂

Are you going to write more Suncoast Society books?

Yes. The series is ongoing. Since each book is standalone, and I have ideas easily for several dozen more books at this time, meaning the series won’t end anytime soon. As of January 2020, the series is up to 96 books and counting.

Are you going to write more Triple Trouble books?

Book 10 The Fire Road is now available from Siren-BookStrand. There will be more books in the series.

Will you write more in the Deep Space Mission Corps series?

Yes, when the characters decide to start talking again. LOL I do have plans for at least four more books in the series.

I also have plans for more books in the Space Confederation, Good Will Ghost Hunting, Brimstone Vampire, Coffeeshop Coven, Bleacke Shifters, Maudlin Falls, Maxim Colonies, and other series.

How many pen names do you have?

Most of my books are written as Tymber Dalton, but I also write and self-publish as Lesli Richardson. I have two books with Siren as Macy Largo, and one as Tessa Monroe, but they were all re-released as Tymber Dalton.

Are you really into BDSM/poly?

Yes, I am. Which is why it irritates the crap out of me when people say, “Oh, NO ONE I know in BDSM does stuff like THAT,” because it’s not uncommon for me to take things from real life (fictionalized, of course) and work them into my books. I also help run a BDSM club (it’s an all-volunteer staff), so… shrugs I write as authentically as I can when it comes to my contemporary BDSM (sci-fi and paranormal stuff is, of course, different). It also irritates me with people with zero real-life BDSM experience accuse my Doms of not being “domly” enough because they do real-life things, like negotiate limits before a scene starts. That’s what real-life Doms DO, they are real people who treat their submissives/partners like REAL people. As a Dominant who is a switch, I intimately understand both sides of the “slash.”

Please don’t base your knowledge or opinions of BDSM solely upon fiction you’ve read. Most BDSM fiction is written by vanilla writers who might never have set foot in a REAL BDSM club.

Will you take a look at/read my manuscript?

I’m sorry, but no, I can’t. I barely have enough time in the day to do everything I need to do, not to mention there are legal issues to consider. (I don’t ever want someone coming back and suing me because something I wrote was similar to theirs, and yes, I’ve heard of it happening, so no.) I only read ARCs and published books.

However, I highly recommend the Internet Writing Workshop: (and it’s FREE!).

I have a great idea for a book I think you should write…

Please see the answer above. I have waaaaay more ideas of my own than I have time to write them as it is, but thank you for thinking about me.

Will you please help me with my manuscript?

Sorry, ditto above, no. There are plenty of resources (free) available on the Internet for writers needing writing advice/help/guidance.

Will you please co-author a book with me?

Again, sorry, ditto above, but no.

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