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(Updated 10/04/2023)

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I do NOT use AI (or ghostwriters!) to write my books! I write them all myself, from scratch. Also, the book covers I create, I do NOT use AI images (unless they were misrepresented when they were uploaded to the stock sites I use) or AI image generation services to make them. I purchase stock photos from reputable sources. I do use tools such as Photoshop, which contain some AI tool functionality, but the covers are created by ME. #saveartists #noAI

Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions that cross my path.

Why are you SO F*CKING FAR BEHIND???

In December of 2020, I was diagnosed with ADHD (at the age of 49). Then, in January of 2021, Spouse and I caught covid. (I wasn’t old enough to be vaccinated at that point and Spouse is 21 years older than me.) I am now a long-haul covid patient and that really fucked with my ability to work. A buuuunnnnnch of other things happened in 2021 (Viking was in the hospital, Spouse came out as trans, death of my beloved bird who I’d had for nearly 30 years, and *gestures at world* fucking 2020/21 in general) which made it nearly impossible for me to work for a while. Finally, in August of 2021, I was put on medication for my ADHD that is allowing me to somewhat “brain” again and begin the arduous process of getting caught up. I still struggle with long-covid and suspect I will for a while, because I already had fibromyalgia to deal with. (It’s never too late to figure this stuff out, Dear Readers.)

On 10/26/21, my sweet Viking passed away unexpectedly, and that has been…traumatic. I appreciate your patience at this time. Then in 2022, I was diagnosed with ASD. Yes, I have the double gift of being AuDHD.

Authors are real people, not machines. Please be understanding that we have lives and family and health issues and deal with all the other things other people do. I’m no Stephen King or Nora Roberts–I have financial issues just like anyone else does. All those pressures and factors mean that my BRAIN (which I, you know, use to write with) sometimes doesn’t want to act like a little trained monkey slapping words onto the page on command.

Thank you for your understanding.

When will you get ______ done/published?

At this point, I’m not giving any hard deadlines for ANYTHING, because every time I do life fucks me up the ass with a sandpaper dildo. I’m doing my best and I apologize for delays. Please subscribe to my newsletter and make sure to whitelist it, because once something is released I’ll post there.

When will ____ be in audiobook/print?

My self-published books are all available through print. Siren returned my print and audiobook rights, since they no longer do that, and I am in the process of reformatting and recovering all of my Siren titles so they will once again be available in print. (Keep up to date with the spreadsheet!) Some of my self-pubbed titles are on audio, but due to the expense of producing audiobooks, it might be awhile before I get more produced. (They usually cost $1k or more just to get them into audio.)

Why don’t you put all your books in KU?

My Siren books, again, I have zero control over the distribution of those. Only a couple of my Lesli books are in KU, because they’re with a small press and part of a multi-author series that uses KU.

But here’s the problem with KU–If I use KU, I can’t put those books ANYWHERE else. To list books in KU, Amazon REQUIRES you cannot list them for sale ANYWHERE ELSE. That means it hurts my readers all over the world who use B&N, Apple, Kobo, or even library services like Hoopla and Overdrive. It means I then isolate a HUGE chunk of my readers all over the world who, for whatever reason, cannot or choose not to use Amazon. It also means if something happens to Amazon, my books aren’t available anywhere else, which would harm me. Also, KU’s payment scheme for books read through there pays a fraction of the amount to authors than if the book is purchased outright. Which usually hurts authors. Especially if you can’t afford to drop a lot of money into Amazon ads (which I can’t) to get extra visibility.

I understand some readers need KU because of their financial situation, but have you looked into Overdrive or Hoopla e-books through your local library system? There’s also Scribd and Kobo, which both have subscription systems and don’t require exclusivity by authors. You can get most of my Lesli books for FREE through library services. (Sometimes you have to request they order them, but they’re available there.) There are a LOT of e-books available for free through library systems. So check that out, because you might be able to dump KU and save YOURSELF some money every month and get LEGALLY FREE e-books through your local library!

Can I get an autograph/bookmark/signed bookplate?

Yep! For autographed bookplates and bookmarks, send a long (NOT one of the little ones) self-addressed, stamped (NOT metered or the PO hassles me about it) envelope to:

Lesli Richardson (or Tymber Dalton)
PO Box 341006
Tampa, FL 33694-1006.

If you don’t send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, I can’t send you anything back, though, sorry.

If you’re from outside the US, and sending a SASE is functionally prohibitive, then send me a picture postcard of where you live, either an aerial photo, or a landscape, or a locally famous landmark, etc. (I love collecting postcards!) Make SURE to include your full name/return address. Then I’ll foot the postage to send you signed bookplates and bookmarks. 🙂

Are you going to write more Suncoast Society books?

Yes. The series is ongoing. Since each book is standalone, and I have ideas easily for several dozen more books at this time, meaning the series won’t end anytime soon. As of January 2020, the series is up to 96 books and counting!

Are you going to write more Triple Trouble books?

Book 10 The Fire Road is now available. There will be more books in the series.

Will you write more in the Deep Space Mission Corps series?

Yes, when the characters decide to start talking again. LOL I do have plans for at least four more books in the series.

I also have plans for more books in the Space Confederation, Good Will Ghost Hunting, Brimstone Vampire, Coffeeshop Coven, Bleacke Shifters, Maudlin Falls, Maxim Colonies, and other series.

How many pen names do you have?

While I’m better known as Tymber Dalton, my real name is Lesli Richardson and I write and self-pub as that. I have two books with Siren as Macy Largo, and one as Tessa Monroe, but they were all re-released as Tymber Dalton.

Are you really poly/into BDSM?

Yes, I am. I have a Spouse and a partner (aka the Viking). Which is why it irritates the crap out of me when people say, “Oh, NO ONE I know in BDSM does stuff like THAT,” because it’s not uncommon for me to take things from real life (fictionalized, of course) that either I’ve experienced personally, or seen first-hand, and work them into my books. I also help run a BDSM club (it’s an all-volunteer staff), so… shrugs. And I teach classes on lifestyle topics, like BDSM101, consent and negotiation, DM classes, and others. I write as authentically as I can when it comes to my contemporary BDSM. The fictional club Venture in my Suncoast Society series is basically a fictionalized version of the club I help run in real life. (Venture has larger bathrooms, though… LOL) Sci-fi and paranormal books are, of course, different. It also irritates me with people with zero real-life BDSM experience accuse my Dom/mes of not being “domly” enough because they do real-life things, like negotiate limits before a scene starts. That’s what real-life Doms DO, they are real people who treat their submissives/partners like REAL people. As a Dominant who is a switch, I intimately understand both sides of the “slash.”

Please don’t base your knowledge or opinions of BDSM solely upon fiction you’ve read. Most BDSM fiction is written by vanilla writers who might never have set foot in a REAL BDSM club. Want to read more realistic BDSM fiction? My bestie wrote a blog post about that.

Will you take a look at/read my manuscript?

I’m sorry, but no, I can’t. I barely have enough time in the day to do everything I need to do, not to mention there are legal issues to consider. (I don’t ever want someone coming back and suing me because something I wrote was similar to theirs, and yes, I’ve heard of it happening, so no.) I only read ARCs and published books.

However, I highly recommend the Internet Writing Workshop: (and it’s FREE!).

I have a great idea for a book I think you should write…

Please see the answer above. I have waaaaay more ideas of my own than I have time to write as it is, but thank you for thinking about me.

Will you please help me with my manuscript?

Sorry, ditto above, no. There are plenty of resources (free) available on the Internet for writers needing writing advice/help/guidance.

Will you please co-author a book with me?

Again, sorry, ditto above, but no.

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