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So yesterday was our LARGEST ZoeBub yet! (That’s what what we call it because it was started and is run by the AMAZING author Zoe York.)

Contrary to misinformation on TikTok, it was NOT run by Amazon or other retailers, just authors getting together. Some of those books are still listed as free.

Also, it’s NOT “stuff your Kindle,” it’s stuff your E-READER, because the freebies are frequently on other sites, too.

If you had trouble with Amazon yesterday, you weren’t alone. We apparently overwhelmed the servers. LOL Try copying the link from the RomanceBookworms site and paste it into a new browser window. But check prices, because even though the site is still up, some of the books might no longer be free.


New Specials/Giveaways!

25% off
I’m running a 25% off coupon ONLY for e-books bought exclusively through my Payhip store! Expires July 5th.

At checkout, use coupon code: TYVP15PU6J

Click here to go to the store!

And did you see the latest news about my German translations?

Plus, The Reluctant Dom is now available in a large print edition!

And check out my Print page to see if you’ve missed any newly formatted print editions!

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Freebies, a coupon, and more!
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