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[Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual Heavy BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M elements, voyeurism, spanking, whipping, caning, sex toys, HEA]

Tilly Cardinal’s world imploded when her Master, Cris, disappeared with no explanation other than a short, cryptic note releasing her as his slave. Five years later, she’s Mistress Cardinal, a vicious, successful pro Domme charging big bucks to dish out whatever abuse men will pay to take. Materially, she wants for nothing. Privately, she’s never felt more alone.

In walks Landry LaCroux, a handsome, rich man with a proposition—he wants Tilly to train his slave. Landry holds the key to Tilly’s past, and her future. She’s shocked to discover Landry’s slave is her former Master, Cris.

Landry has a secret—he has cancer and wants to make Tilly a deal. Marry him and help him through his recovery, and he’ll pay her handsomely for it. Love wasn’t supposed to be part of the bargain, but can the three of them find healing and a lasting happiness under Cardinal’s Rule?

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Adult Excerpt:

She returned to him. “Do me a favor, sit on the couch and wait for me, please?”

Up went the eyebrow again. “Why?”

“Please? It’s an early birthday surprise for you.”

He considered her for a moment, then slowly nodded. “Will I enjoy this?”

It’d been a few weeks since he’d scened with Cris. She had to trust he wouldn’t take that frustration out on her. “Pretty sure. I’ll call you when I’m ready.” When he’d sat on the couch, his back turned to the hall and unable to see where she went, she walked to Cris’ bathroom and used it before quietly heading to the playroom.

Could she do this? She’d felt full of nervous bravado and more than a little pleasant anticipation until faced with the reality.

Quickly stripping, she stashed her clothes in the closet and donned a garter belt, fishnets, stilettos she hadn’t worn in months, and a corset. She put on the smallest leather wrist cuffs she had, which were still big on her because her customers had all been men larger than her.

No locks. She couldn’t go that far today.

Her fingers hesitated as she reached for the collar, the one Ross had given her. Soft, supple cowhide with a hand-tooled floral design. Regular buckle, not lockable.

She put it on but left it a notch looser than she normally would have worn it.

She left the ankle cuffs on the floor where he could quickly grab them if he wanted to use them, panic snaps attached to them already. She laid out the crops, a cane, a couple of floggers—and her four-foot singletail. Not that she didn’t trust him, but she knew the fall and popper on hers wouldn’t cut even in his skilled hands. She put out two bottles of water and her MP3 player hooked to the small stereo, set to her favorite playlist.

A set of music she hadn’t been able to listen to in years, but knew she’d need today.

Finally, the blindfold and the bow. She peeled the adhesive backing from the bow and slapped it in the middle of her ass.

Her heart thundering, she lay facedown over the kneeling bench and slid the blindfold over her eyes. Working by feel, she clipped her wrist cuffs to the eyehooks on the bench.

She had to swallow before she could speak. “Okay,” she called out.

At first she wasn’t sure he’d heard her. But then she heard the door open and his sharp intake of breath.

Mon dieu!

Warm shivers engulfed her. Anticipation. Need. She felt herself tipping toward subspace, and he hadn’t laid a hand on her yet.

After a long moment he still hadn’t touched her and she didn’t sense him step close. Then he spoke, sounding like he stood near the gear she’d laid out for him.

“Love?” he softly asked.

She’d rehearsed the lines a thousand times in her head, but still her voice trembled as she spoke them. “This is your birthday present, from me to you. I trust you. I wanted it to only be you. Needed it to be only you and me. Not him.”

More silence. She heard a noise and suspected it was the sound of him kicking his shoes off. When he spoke again, his lips almost beside her right ear, she startled. “I don’t need this from you, love, although I appreciate it. I can love you without this.”

“I know.” She had to force air into her lungs. “I want to give it to you. At least once. My birthday present to you.”

One hand gently caressed her hair. “I don’t know what to say, baby.”

“You don’t have to say anything.”

She felt her pussy clench in a familiar way as his fingers tightened in her hair, fisting it, possessing her, until he pulled her head up. His voice changed tone, deep, commanding. “You’re giving yourself to me today, girl?”

She’d thought long and hard about this, what she wanted to call him.

“Yes, Master.”

Another sharp intake of breath from him. He released her hair and stepped around her. She had a sense of where he was and after a moment she heard the gentle swish of fabric as he dropped his shirt to the floor. He now stood there in nothing but his jeans. In her mind she imagined his muscular chest and arms, still handsome despite the ravages of his cancer treatment.

One finger traced light, lazy patterns across her left ass cheek, then her right. He chuckled. “Wrapped with a bow?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You know I don’t play with a safeword.”

She swallowed hard. “I know. I trust you.”

His hand disappeared again. She felt him pull the bow off. He unhooked her garter belt and removed it and her shoes and stockings.

She felt him buckle the leather cuffs around her ankles and hook them to the bench. With her ass spread and open, she was a prime target in more ways than one.

“Hmm.” One hand returned, his fingers stroking her flesh. “I honestly can say that for the first time in a long time, I have no idea where to start.” He chuckled again. “This is a wonderful dilemma.”

She tried to slow her breathing, relaxing into his touch as he dipped his fingers between her legs and slowly pushed two inside her.

“Oh, love, you are eager to give yourself to me today, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Part of me wants to fuck you right now, and part of me wants to turn that sweet, pretty pale ass red first. Decisions, decisions.”

Cris had always used a safeword with her, but she’d never needed it. He’d always stopped long before she wanted him to, even though she knew she didn’t come close to tolerating the level of pain he took from Landry.

His hand gently swatted her ass, not even enough to sting. “I think I’d like to spend all afternoon playing and fucking you, baby. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Master.”

She felt his fingers on the collar. “Where did this come from?”

“It’s the one Ross put on me.”

She felt him unbuckle and remove it. Then he kissed the nape of her neck. “If any collars ever go around your neck, they’ll be placed there by me.” The rumbling tone of his voice melted what few solid places remained inside her body.

For the first time, she gave serious thought to begging him to collar her.

She felt his lips on her ass. Then he bit her, harder than he normally did but then again, he wasn’t worried if he left a mark there. She suspected that was his point. She moaned, squirming, wishing she’d opted to beg to go straight to the fucking portion of the afternoon.

He bit her other cheek, equally hard, almost enough to draw a gasp of pain from her. Then he rubbed the marks with his hands. “Oh, love. That looks beautiful.” She sensed him sit on the floor behind her, and he alternated biting her with licking her pussy, until she begged and squirmed and cried from need and pleasant pain flowing through her. She wanted subspace with him, dammit, and he wasn’t quite putting her over the edge.

“I normally don’t do this, but I have to say this because I love you. You know how I play. Are you willing to let me take anything from you I wish to have while you are bent over this bench and under my control?”

Her stomach fluttered. “Yes, Master.”

“This is my rule. Don’t agree to it if you aren’t prepared for the circumstances. I will not stop until I feel the need to stop. This is your only chance to decline, and I’ll free you and take you to bed and fuck your brains out right now.”

It was sooo tempting, but with her adrenaline cranking, she didn’t want to give this up. “I’m yours for today, Master. To play with any way you want. As long as it’s only you.”

His hands stroked her again. “Of course it’s only me.” He flicked his tongue over her clit, making her jump but not getting her off. “Very well, love. I will play with you, and I will totally own you.”

He disappeared for a moment, and she heard him rummage through the toy cabinet. She couldn’t tell from the sound what he picked up, but he returned and rubbed her ass with his hands. “Are you truly ready for me, love?”

“Yes, Master.”

He swatted her ass bare-handed, quickly picking up the speed and force after a few minutes until he was giving her a hard spanking, even harder than Cris had ever given her. Her tears flowed as she twisted against his hand, crying but feeling her climb resume in altitude until the endorphins kicked in and she knew she’d tipped.

If he’d keep her there, even for only a few minutes, she’d let him do whatever the hell he wanted.

He gave no quarter, spanking her until her flesh stung and felt hot, and she knew if she looked in a mirror it would not only be bright red, but the clear imprint of his hand would be readily visible along with the bite marks no doubt already turning interesting shades of purple.

When he let up, she gasped for breath, her face wet with tears and yet desperate for release.

“You’re beautiful, love,” he said, his tone deeper than normal, but even in subspace she recognized he wasn’t giving it his all yet.

“Don’t hold back,” she gasped. “Please.”

His hand caressed her ass. “I won’t.” Then she felt something cool and wet against her rim and realized he’d drizzled lube over her.

She dimly understood what he meant to do, and part of her wanted to kick and fight against him.

Part of her wanted to beg him to do it.

“I haven’t had you here yet. It’s my right to take you here, no?” He slowly probed her virgin rosebud with one gentle finger, taking his time until she moaned and twisted against his hand and begged for more. He used two, then a third. When he slipped fingers from his other hand into her pussy, she wanted to explode, but he anticipated this.

“Do not come,” he ordered. “I haven’t given you permission to do that.” All his fingers disappeared and she whined, disappointed. Something else pressed against her rim then. “Push.”

She gasped, crying out as the butt plug slid home inside her ass with a burning pinch as her muscles struggled to accept it until he’d seated it all the way inside her. “Oh, god! No, it’s too big, take it out!”

“No. You can handle it. It stays until I’m ready to remove it and fuck you. I don’t want to injure you. I need you ready because I’m going to fuck you hard and fast and claim this sweet virgin ass.” Fingers returned to her clit, and within seconds he’d turned the pain into a deeply burning pleasure she struggled not to let overwhelm her.

“That’s better, now, isn’t it, baby?” he asked. “You just needed me to play with your clit and make it feel good again, didn’t you?”

She whined, beyond coherent speech.

He slapped her ass. Not gently, either, but a hard, stinging slap that made her cry out. “Answer me, baby. You needed me to play with your clit, didn’t you?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Very good,” he cooed. “That’s my good girl.”

Tilly lost track of time as he used the floggers on her, then the riding crop. He kept her hovering at the brink of release, refusing to let her climax, her pain and passion fueling her frenzy. If this kept up, she’d agree to almost anything if he’d just let her come.

All activity stopped. She moaned and squirmed, the butt plug still inside her, her ass hot and stinging from the riding crop and his spanking. Apparently he’d fetched something else, because she heard the toy cabinet open and close before she heard him unzip his pants and he tugged the butt plug loose. Almost immediately, he pressed his thick knob against her rim.

“Beg me for it, baby.”

She’d beg for anything at this point. “Please, please fuck my ass!”

“That wasn’t the right way to ask. You know better. Ask me the right way.”

Her mind raced. Wasn’t right? It hit her. “Master, please! Master, fuck my ass!”

“Oh, baby, that’s so good.” She heard something click on with a hum and didn’t have time to process the source. He deeply thrust his lubed cock home inside her before he reached under her and pressed the vibrator against her clit. “Come for me right now, baby.”

Adult Excerpt: "Cardinal’s Rule"
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