The following is a NSFW adult excerpt from Judgment of the Moon and Stars (Suncoast Society 72, MM, BDSM) by Tymber Dalton.


Noah’s deep in the closet partially because of his high-profile job, but mostly because of his ultra-conservative family. He’s never been with a guy before, until a night at the Toucan resort with Jackson turns his world upside down in the best way possible. Except a work emergency calls him away before he gets Jackson’s last name…or phone number.

Jackson doesn’t know if the cutie ghosted on purpose or through a simple misunderstanding, but at least he has work to focus on. Except now that Jackson’s had a taste of Noah, he wants more—wants all of him.

After a chance encounter in the unlikeliest of places, Jackson knows he’s willing to do whatever he must to convince Noah this could be for life. Except Noah’s family is a problem and could cause problems for both of them. Can Jackson convince his boy to trust him to fight for their love, or will Noah’s fear drive them apart?

Adult Excerpt:


At first, Jackson might have said it wasn’t the best blowjob he’d ever received, but as eager Noah kept at him, he realized that was wrong.

It was the best blowjob.

Maybe not technically, for skills, but for eager determination, sheer wonder, and joyful celebration—absolutely.

He wasn’t even sure if Noah realized how he’d started moaning when Jackson came, as if he himself were coming, how the suction had increased to nearly painful levels as he tasted Jackson’s cum and kept swallowing.

He could also imagine how good the guy would be at them with just a little coaching and practice.

And I’m going to be the lucky bastard who gets to teach him.

Shit, it was way too early for those kinds of thoughts, but he couldn’t help it. Rarely had he ever clicked so immediately and so hard with a partner before. Good rapport, absolutely, but usually there came with that a tentative, mutual exploration, lots of talking no matter what kinds of BDSM trappings were in place around the dynamic.

This felt…



The boy in his perfect place beneath and under his Sir, ready, willing, and eager to serve him and be used.

Not just a hot sexual fantasy—an extremely possible reality.

While Jackson caught his breath he lay there, one hand draped over Noah’s shoulders to keep him in place, the other playing with Noah’s hair. Soft and straight, fine, feeling so perfect between his fingers or between his thighs. The guy wasn’t super hairy, either, just a fine patch across his chest, a faint treasure trail, and he’d apparently shaved his bush and balls.

Even better.

He preferred that, because he liked to go down on a guy without spitting out hair. If Jackson shaved too often, he ended up with ingrown hairs, so he’d learned the secret for him was to use clippers and keep it trimmed short enough to be comfortable for all parties.

If he sat here too long, he was going to fall asleep, and he didn’t want to do that. Not yet.

He had a sweet virgin ass to spank and fuck. For a split second, the thought of stopping, backing up, and negotiating bareback crossed his mind, but he shoved that out. Not only was it stupid and reckless, it was poor Domming, in his mind. Never change the parameters mid-scene, unless it was to take things off the table. Especially not with a new partner.

Doubly especially with a new partner who was a newbie to BDSM.

He patted Noah on the back. “Sit up, baby, and drape yourself over Sir’s lap. Head to my left.”

Noah’s sweet blue eyes, hints of aqua and grey swirling within them, looked glazed and subspacey. His hard cock bobbed in front of him, brushing against Jackson’s thighs as he stretched out across him.


Once the man was positioned, Jackson ran his fingers over his back, squeezed his ass cheeks. “Going to take it easy on you tonight. Next time we play, you’re going to take at least one cane stroke from me, one hard enough to leave a mark across your ass. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Every time we play after this, I expect you to take at least one stroke from an implement that will leave you with a reminder of whose ass this is. If your tolerance builds quickly, you can take more. But I want you to be able to look in the mirror the next morning and see Me on you.”

Noah’s body undulated against his. “Yes, Sir!”

“Good boy.” Jackson’s left hand stroked down Noah’s back, up again, finally loosely cupping the back of the man’s neck. “Remember, you can tell me red if you need me to stop.”

That was the only warning Noah received before Jackson brought down the first smack across the middle of Noah’s right ass cheek, not quite the hardest he could manage, but he wanted to set a tone.

He eased up a little for the next couple of minutes, mostly lighter strokes that had Noah moaning with need, especially when Jackson moved his left hand and let Noah suck his fingers.

He picked up the pace, dropping a few impacts along the sensitive crease where ass met thighs, down the backs of his thighs, up again.

Jackson paused, squeezing his left ass cheek, then his right, digging fingers into his red flesh and soaking up his pitiful sounds that went straight to his own cock and finished hardening him.

From the way Noah kept trying to rock his hips against him to get traction on his cock, he could tell the guy was enjoying it.

Holy fuck. He’s perfect.

Some guys liked a little slap and tickle to spice up the pleasure. Some guys enjoyed a deep level of masochistic pain for their own reasons. That level was achieved either naturally, because something inside them craved it, or they were trained to take it over time, their tolerance slowly built up.

Then there were the guys who’d never realized what was missing from their lives until they were an adult and felt another adult male’s palm smack their flesh and awaken a dormant, hidden hunger within them.

From the way Noah was moaning and trying to deep throat Jackson’s hand up to his elbow, he suspected that descriptor fit Noah to a T.

He easily rolled the man off him and onto his back, and Jackson went down on him, firmly encircling the base of Noah’s cock with his fingers and pressing against the underside to help him hold back his release.

“Don’t you dare come yet, boy. This is just a reward for being so good for your first spanking.”

Noah didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands. Jackson chuckled when they finally settled on his head and gripped his hair, trying to coax him into going harder, faster.

But he refused to be rushed. The guy was obviously enjoying his first time, and Jackson wanted this memory so deeply seared in the man’s mind that, when they talked in the morning, Noah would want more of him.

Please let him live south of St. Pete.

If the guy was from up in Pasco, or father north, or lived over in Orlando or something, that would suck and limit their time together to the weekends.

And Jackson wanted more from this man.

He wanted all of him, all to himself.

That scared the hell out of him.

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Adult Excerpt: Judgment of the Moon and Stars (Suncoast Society 72)
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