[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, HEA]

The soul always comes home…

Ice queen Anastazia “Taz” Proctor is an aloof attorney, a “fixer.” Hunky Matthias Hawthorne wants her for more than just an employee…much more. Will she believe him when he reveals their shared secret—that they’re vampires, but that it’s not the way Hollywood portrays them? Maybe not, but with someone out to kill her, she might not have a choice. She also can’t ignore what her body tells her about her handsome boss.

An escape with Matthias to the safe refuge of Yellowstone National Park leads Taz to discoveries about her lineage and what she can do with her newly awakened powers. Even more disturbing is her unexplainable attraction to Matthias’s handsome cousin, Rafael.

Time grows short as a traitor in their midst makes another attempt on Taz’s life. Will she and Matthias survive when they’re caught in a vicious showdown between Love and Brimstone?

Note: This book has been extensively revised. It was previously published with another publisher.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Adult Excerpt

“Hey,” he whispered. “You okay?”

She nodded, instinctively pressing herself against him. “That was intense.”

“Yes, it was.”

“Is that what it felt like when you started reading my thoughts?”

“I’ve been doing it a lot longer. Not just yours, but I can read yours easily because of…what you did for me.”

“You said you didn’t know if I could read minds.”

“I didn’t, not for sure. Not until tonight. After I realized how powerful you are, I assumed you could. I needed to see if you could do it without an established physical…connection.”

She rolled to face him, eyes closed. She kissed him, hoping he wouldn’t pull away.

He didn’t.

She thought about how warm his emotions had felt, knowing a lot of that was about her, his intense feelings. And she wanted him.

Really wanted him.

Pressing against him, she kissed him harder, moaning when his hands worked under her shirt to the waistband of her jeans.

She helped him remove his shirt while he parted her from hers, and they kissed, bare chested, exploring with lips and tongues, passion so strong both could barely breathe.

“I want you, Matthias,” she thought, trying not to make it a command. “I really, really want you.”

He smiled. “Anastazia, your wish is my command.”

They slipped out of their pants. She thought he would take her then, but he didn’t. Instead, he ran his hands over her body. He felt smooth and strong, and his fingers explored every contour and curve as if he’d known her his entire life.

She gasped when his tongue traced delicate circles across her belly. He trailed lower, working his lips down her flesh, his breath hot on her skin. He gently pushed her legs apart with his hands. Softly, he blew on her clit, making her whimper.

She wanted, needed him.

“Please,” she whispered. “Don’t stop.”

She felt the heat of his breath on her just before he flicked his tongue up and over her clit. She closed her eyes and moaned. This was better than she’d ever imagined it could be.

And she’d spent plenty of nights before all this happened imagining what Matthias Hawthorne might be like in bed.

He lazily circled her clit with his tongue, making her throb and sending a flood of heat to her mound. She wanted more from him. Needed more.

She didn’t care if he was reading her mind or not when he sucked her nub between his lips and lightly sucked. An explosion ripped all conscious thought from her. She plunged her fingers into his hair, holding on as he relentlessly drew her orgasm out, made it seemingly last forever.

When she couldn’t take it anymore, he rolled on top of her, teased her, kissed her. He pressed the head of his cock against her, not quite entering, and whispered in her ear, “Do you really want me to?”

“Yes,” she begged. “Please!”

He kissed her again. “I want you to taste me. I want you to have all of me.”

Her eyes flew open. “What?”

“Fair is fair,” he said, kissing her again.

Suddenly, she knew. As she closed her eyes and kissed him, she knew she was more powerful, even though he was older. She knew what he was offering.

And she wanted him—all of him.

Propped on one elbow, he used his other hand, gently guiding her. He tipped his head to the side, his lips near her ear, positioning her mouth against his neck for the best access. She felt his warm breath against her cheek. Between her legs his cock pressed so firmly, tantalizingly close, but not entering. She wanted him inside her, to become one with him. He resisted her attempts to thrust against him. He cupped the nape of her neck with his hand. She flicked out her tongue and lapped at his shoulder, enjoying the salty taste of his flesh.

“Just feel it,” he whispered. Then he thrust his cock hard and deep into her, drawing another moan from her. He felt so large, so hard inside her she bit down at the base of his neck where it gave way to his shoulder.

He pressed her mouth firmly against his neck as he gasped, “Harder,” and thrust again. She did, feeling his flesh give way beneath her teeth. She tasted him, and he moaned in her head as he thrust—

“Do it—oh, God, Taz, take it all from me, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted—”

—deep into her. Her head spinning, his blood tasted like warm, red wine. She wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her fingers into his back, trying to become one with him.

Adult Excerpt: "Love and Brimstone (Brimstone Vampires 1)"