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[Siren Allure: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, ménage elements not involving the heroes, sex toys, HEA]

When you fall for a fantasy, how do you know it’s more than make-believe?

Travis Collins, a straight college student, finds himself in a financial bind. He’ll do anything legal, including going gay for pay and spending a weekend as “Craig Rocke,” with gay porn star Marston Cougar. Marston tells him to remember it’s all fantasy for the camera even though it feels like more.

Gary Carmeletti, also known as Marston Cougar, has a respectable day job. He started out making gay porn to pay for college. After getting his heart broken, he has a no-dating rule. Now paired with “virgin” Craig, he finds it hard to keep it make-believe when he’s losing his heart.

Gary’s niece needs surgery, and he almost has enough money to quit for good. But now that he feels a true connection with his fantasy costar, will he be able to find a happily ever after when he feels it’s more than make-believe?

NOTE: This book was previously published with another publisher.

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Adult Excerpt:

He eagerly went deeper as Marston urged him on, talking filthy to him and honing his own need. He tasted pre-cum and realized he wanted to make the other man come, wanted to swallow it.

That’s when Marston’s fingers grabbed his hair and pulled him off his cock as he laughed. “Whoa, baby. You’re too eager. Don’t want me to pop yet, do you?”

Travis tried to get back to his cock, making Marston laugh even more. He shoved two fingers between Travis’s lips. He eagerly sucked as Marston fucked them in and out of his mouth. “That’s it. You’ll suck anything, won’t you? I knew you were a natural. You just needed the right cock to flip you. You’re an eager slut now that you know you’re getting fucked by this cock, aren’t you?” He pulled him up and kissed him again, then shoved him down onto the bed and stood over him.

As Marston slowly pulled his shirt off, Travis stared at his body. Not a bodybuilder, but he obviously worked out to keep in shape. He felt wimpy next to him, yet the hard, rigid cock standing straight out from his costar’s body didn’t seem to mind his slighter frame. He noticed a tribal band tat circling Marston’s left bicep.

Marston kicked off his loafers and shoved his slacks down his legs. “Gorgeous body, kid.” He knelt over him, straddling his head. “Suck my balls. Lick them good.”

Travis did, ignoring the camera now less than a foot from his head. He closed his eyes and finally settled for planting his hands on Marston’s ass.

Hands stroked through his hair. “You’ve got a good tongue on you, baby.” He rose up, shifted position, and then his cock brushed against his lips. “Open up.”

Travis obeyed and started sucking him again. When he looked, another camera was only inches away on his other side.

He opted to look up and met Marston’s heavy-lidded gaze. Fingers stroked his hair, tender and gentle. “That’s it. Suck me good.”

Closing his eyes, Travis sucked him, massaging his ass as he did. His own cock felt stiff and throbbed as it rubbed against his belly. He’d never been this hard before and wondered if it was the little blue pill, or perhaps the tendril of dark excitement curling in his belly.

He could do this.

It’s only make-believe.

After a few minutes, Marston changed positions again, straddling him sixty-nine. “I think I want to taste you.”

Travis didn’t have to fake his moan as Marston’s hot, skilled lips engulfed his cock. His hips bucked in time with the man’s actions until, a moment later, Marston sat up. Travis moaned with disappointment around the cock in his mouth.

Marston chuckled and stroked him with his hand. “You’re so close, I had to stop. You’re about to pop, baby. You really like having a man suck your cock, don’t you?”

He rose up enough that Travis could relinquish his cock and speak. “Yeah!”

“Do I suck better than the girls you’ve been with?”

“Fuck, yeah!” That wasn’t a lie either. Of course, only one of his previous four girlfriends liked to give head, so he wasn’t the world’s most experienced judge of that.

Thick fingers probed his sac, lower, pressing into his taint, making him jump.

Marston laughed. “Oh, yeah, you felt that, didn’t you?” Marston bent down and sucked his sac into his mouth, tonguing his balls and drawing more loud moans from him.

This was way better than make-believe.

Marston changed position again, kneeling between his legs and licking his cock from root to tip.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Travis groaned.

“Don’t go shooting off on me too soon, baby. We’ve got all weekend to fuck around.”

Another twenty dollars in the bank, but then he lost count as Marston’s mouth and tongue did things to him he’d never dreamed. Including pushing his legs farther apart and snaking his tongue deeper, circling his rim and making him shiver with passion. He brought him near the brink several times, sucking his cock, playing with his ass, every action narrated with nonstop filthy talk that got him almost as hot as what Marston was doing to him.

When Marston stopped and sat up, Travis couldn’t stop the words from tumbling from his mouth.

“Please don’t stop!”

Marston laughed. “Ah, pretty eager now, aren’t we? Don’t worry, I’m not stopping.” He reached over to the bedside table, where he grabbed a bottle of lube. Then he pushed Travis’s knees up and back. “Grab your legs. Hold that sweet ass open for me.”

Heart racing, Travis did as he tried to keep his focus on Marston’s eyes and not the camera just over his shoulder filming him spread and vulnerable.

“You nervous, baby?”

Travis nodded. Hell yeah, he was nervous. Taking that stiff dick up his ass wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. It was huge.

Marston leaned in and kissed him, pressing his body against him as he did. He nipped at his lips and worked his way down his throat with love bites, across his chest, sucking his nipples. Then he worked his way up his neck, driving Travis crazy with need.

With his lips pressed to Travis’s ear and at barely louder than a breath, Marston said, “Relax and enjoy it. You’re doing fine.”

Travis knew there was no way the sound equipment could have picked that up.

Marston sat up and ran his hands down Travis’s chest, pausing first to torment his nipples, until he reached his cock. He knelt in front of him and stroked, squeezed, and gently pressed his thumb against his rim, making Travis squirm.

He did want it. He wanted more, and he’d be lying if he denied it.

He felt cool lube on his rim. Then a finger penetrated. Unlike the quick professionalism of the doctor, this finger sought and found his sweet spot, nearly making him explode.

Marston’s hand froze. “You close, baby?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!”

The hand withdrew, and two fingers entered. “How’s that feel?”

Travis gripped his knees and kept his ass wide open. “Good.”

Marston slicked himself with lube and pressed forward. Travis felt the hot, rounded knob pressed against his ass. “Look at me,” Marston ordered.

Travis forced his eyes open. Marston’s gaze settled him, focused him.

“You want my cock inside you?”

“Please fuck me!” He didn’t have to act or pretend. At that point he felt so horny he’d do anything to get relief, and he knew the only thing that would truly scratch his itch was Marston’s cock impaling him.

Marston smiled and stroked Travis’s cock. “You like my cock?”

“Yeah! I love your cock. I want it. Please, give it to me!”


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Adult Excerpt: "More Than Make-Believe"
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